Wood Foams: The sustainable game changer in protective packaging  

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Replacing non-renewables with innovative bio-based alternatives      

Stora Enso is proud to introduce our forest forward innovations in wood foams, and we are happy to share that the future is looking bio-based and bright. By leveraging the renewable potential of trees, we are finding ways to phase out fossil-based materials. Wood foams by Stora Enso is a revolutionising way to keep your products safe – and your packaging sustainable. Wood foam by Stora Enso is the result of our love for trees – and a strong determination to end fossil dependency.
Our ambition is to revolutionise packaging, inside and out. Join us on this journey!

Regulations and an increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging, is driving change in every industry, making material choices a huge part of brand image. Wood foam innovations are a recyclable alternative sourced from sustainably managed forests – easy to fabricate and offering both flexible and rigid options. With high cushioning effect and efficient insulation properties, our Wood foam innovations can be a direct substitute to traditional fossil-based materials.  

Forest forward innovations

Nordic forestry has been pivotal in providing innovative and sustainable alternatives in a world heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Our innovations Fibrease® and Papira® are challenging non-renewable dependency in the packaging industry, making sure that we stay ahead – and honor our commitment to a cleaner and greener future. Read more about the sustainable benefits of Wood foam by Stora Enso here 


Meet us at coming events 2024:

  • Fachpack, Nurnberg, 24-26 th of September
  • Luxepack, Monaco, 30 September-2 October
  • Sustainability in Packaging, Barcelona, 8-10 October
  • Foam Expo, Stuttgart, 3-5 th of December
Fibrease® by Stora Enso is the pioneer of protective packaging and thermal insulation with flexible memory foam like properties and at least 80% bio-based materials – soon available in commercial scale. Read more about Fibrease® here. 

Papira® by Stora Enso is bio-based with excellent cushioning performance. This rigid foam is perfect for protective packaging – currently produced in a Pilot plant. Read more about Papira® here.

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