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Bio-based foam for sustainable cushioning packages and insulation

For companies looking for ways to offer customers and consumers a sustainable unpacking experience. Wood foam enables brands to create bio-based packaging. Stora Enso wood foams are versatile and suitable as cushioning or insulation materials in packaging.

Why choose wood foams?


High cushioning effect

Suitable as protection in transport packaging of a wide range of applications, several conversion and design options available.
Wood foam

Flexible and rigid foams

Our portfolio consists of a wide range of different foams were properties can be altered, such as rigidity, density, flexibility, fiber type and content level - based on your needs!
Insulation box

Efficient insulation properties

Suitable for cold or hot insulation packaging, with similar insulation capacity as commercial fossil-based solutions.

Recyclable in paper or board stream according to PTS assessment RH 021:2012

Frustration free recycling in general purpose curbside recycling streams.
Insulating box

Renewable raw materials – it grows back

Raw material origins from FSC certified, sustainably managed forests.
Sawing in wood foam

Simply designed and converted

Easily sawed or die-cut into desired shapes, suitable for gluing into complete block designs or used as is.

Our wood foam offering: Suitable for packing a wide range of goods

Wood foams by Stora Enso are bio-based cushioning and insulation materials that can be used for both protective and thermal packaging. With our two solutions; Fibrease® by Stora Enso and Papira by Stora Enso you will find the optimal material choice for your application.

Wood foam
for insulation in packaging

Fibrease® by Stora Enso - Available now

Fibrease® by Stora Enso is a lightweight fiber-based foam material that is made from 80% renewable materials and is curbside recyclable (according to PTS assessment RH 021:2012). It is soft with a memory foam like behavior and has a great damping capacity, as well as thermal insulation properties.

Fibrease® is designed to replace PU-foams and EPS, as well as formed in-place fossil-based solutions. Fibrease® fits various types of converting methods like sawing and die-cutting.


  • Memory foam like behavior allows for optimised cushioning, packaging size, and transportation optimisation
  • High insulating capacity, suitable for thermal packaging in online meal kits, online grocery sales and medicine shipments
  • Suitable for circular business models, optimal for recycling in closed loops to new material and products

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papira insert
For protective packaging

Papira® by Stora Enso - In pilot stage

Papira® by Stora Enso is a novel lightweight foam made from pulp fibers. The sustainable foam is designed to be bio-based, recyclable in all paper streams and biodegradable. The semi-rigid fiber-based material has a high cushioning performance suitable for primary and secondary protective packaging. Papira® can be designed and cut with precision for optimal size and protection.

Papira® offers a fully paper recyclable alternative to traditional fossil-based packaging foams, such as PE/PU-foams and EPS. Papira® fits various types of converting methods.


  • Can be designed for complex shapes and thus allows optimised cushioning and packaging size
  • Makes recycling easy as it allows the consumer to put the whole package in the same curbside collection bin
  • Designed to be recycled as paper, but if exiting the circular material stream it will biodegrade

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