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The promise of renewable, bio-based materials

The Innovation Centre for biomaterials hosts research, application and business development, as well as strategic marketing under one roof. The Biomaterials innovation organisation focuses on identifying business opportunities and developing new products in markets for renewable materials and bio-based chemicals.

Located in Sickla just south of Stockholm city centre, the Innovation Centre for biomaterials brings together talents from as many as fourteen different nationalities, with experience in different markets, applications and technologies. Our teams and in-house laboratory work together with our mills and as a result, in addition to Stockholm, we have colleagues working in Helsinki and Imatra (Finland), Karlstad and KTH, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden).

Our aim is to work closely with our customers to understand their strategies and devise solutions to support and boost their competitive advantage. Projects and expertise are additionally linked with leading research centres, universities and business partners.


What are we working on?

Our innovation teams are currently working on projects and products related to bio-based binders, bio-based carbons, bio-based fibers, bio-based barriers, bio-based foams and biorefineries. We are utilising our innovation capabilities also to improve our existing pulp products and find new end-use applications for pulp or develop new grades of pulp for varied end-use applications.

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Biomaterials aspires to meet the growing demand for replacing fossil-based and hazardous materials with bio-based solutions.

Join us on this journey.

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