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Stora Enso has more than 400 scientists working at research centres in Finland and Sweden and as well as the Innovation Centres for packaging and biomaterials.

Through innovation, research and collaboration, Stora Enso focuses on developing new products and services and significantly developing existing ones as well as improving competitiveness across the value chain.

We have innovation and research centres in Imatra and Helsinki, Finland; Karlstad and Stockholm/Sickla, Sweden as well as cooperation projects with universities, research institutes and external partners.

In all our businesses and markets, we work closely with customers to understand their strategies and devise solutions to support and boost their competitive advantage. Among companies globally, the interest in renewable bio-based solutions is growing rapidly, responding to megatrends and demand for sustainable solutions.

Building on Stora Enso’s expertise in fibres, the Innovation Centre for biomaterials focuses specifically on new innovative opportunities based on renewable materials and bio-based chemicals that could potentially replace fossil-based products, address new industries or enhance product performance. It brings together diverse researchers from a range of fields and nationalities.

The Innovation Centre for packaging enables collaboration with customers, other stakeholders and partners to develop innovative and sustainable packaging concepts. The centre offers, for example, a packaging lab, virtual reality retail analysis technology, intelligent packaging demonstrations, as well as workshops, packaging design and prototyping.

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