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Packaging Materials Innovation and R&D

Our passion is to develop novel sustainable solutions for packaging industry with our customers. We are dedicated in reducing CO2 footprint of our products and ensuring that our new products are renewable and recyclable. As important for us is to secure good runnability in our customer converting processes. Ensuring the product safety of our consumer and container boards is vital.

Our two research centres in Finland and Sweden support all our Packaging Materials mills in Europe and China. They are located close to our biggest board mills in Imatra Finland and in Skoghall Sweden, which enables seamless collaboration with the production. In our research centres we have unique possibilities to test and develop new products in-house thanks to the wide variation of the pilot machines, including multi-ply board and coating machines. Our own high-level chemistry and physical laboratories enable comprehensive material research. We have developed state of the art level method based on DNA analysis to ensure product purity of our boards.

The research centres in Packaging Materials are powerhouses of 130 highly educated and skilled scientists, researchers and laboratory assistants, who work closely with research institutes and universities.

pine, bio-based materials

What is a renewable material?

It’s a material that will not run out – such as trees, which can be planted and re-grown. Products made from wood contribute to a circular and more sustainable world.

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