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Low carbon, lightweight materials for foodservice packaging

Today’s consumers want to shrink their carbon footprint, reduce their plastic use and minimise waste. 

Sourcing renewable materials from sustainably managed forests for paper cups and food containers is better for the environment, public health and the fight against climate change. Reforestation contributes considerably to the absorption of CO2. On the other hand, switching to a multi-use system could triple CO2 emissions.

Packaging for foodservice needs to mitigate food waste in fast-paced consumption, while putting the least burden on the environment. The convenient paper cup that contains your caffè latte on your morning commute is only 4% of the carbon emissions of the experience — the milk and coffee make up the rest! If drops spill through leaks or breaks in thousands of cups, the impact accumulates. So, clearly, quality matters.

Did you know that more than 90% of the life cycle emissions of a reusable cup are caused by dishwashing? If ceramic cups are washed inefficiently, paper cups are a good alternative from a climate impact perspective. Reuse systems are more complex, as they can lead to increased risk of cross contamination. Hence, choosing hygienic, natural and recycled is a safe choice from many perspectives.

Recycling can drop the life cycle carbon foot print a paper cup 50% further. As a world-leading supplier of food service board to cup makers, we are exploring partnerships for collecting and sorting used paper cups to ensure that this high-quality fiber material gets a second life.

The thinnest polymer coating for food service board products on the market is now available

Our recent production technology achievement, UltraThinPE Tec™, significantly reduces the share of plastic coating in foodservice packaging, such as single-use paper cups. 

With the help of UltraThinPE Tec™, Stora Enso has developed the thinnest polymer coating for FSB products on the market, allowing for designs with less than 5% plastic – an important step in helping packaging converters, brand-owners, and retailers meet their plastics reduction targets.

UltraThinPE™ coatings are currently available for Stora Enso’s Cupforma product range for paper cups.

Our products

Cupforma natura 2

Cupforma Natura™ by Stora Enso

Trusted as the most efficient cupstock on the market, Cupforma Natura yields up to 10% more cups from each tree.

Our best-selling paperboard for decades, Cupforma Natura, creates lightweight yet stiff cups that are easy to hold. It’s perfectly designed for hot and cold beverage cups that don’t leak or break apart with sealable barriers and high resistance to coffee edge-wicking. 

Cupforma Natura is food-safe, taste and odour neutral, and recyclable and renewable. And thanks to its consistent performance in printing and converting processes, it minimises downtime and maximises throughput on high-speed lines.

Cupforma Natura is now available with UltraThinPE Tec™ coating options including PE11, and PE Green 9 and 11.

Cupforma Special™ by Stora Enso

Cupforma Special is an excellent paperboard for enjoying ice cream and other foods, whether at home or on the go.

Lightweight yet strong, Cupforma Special’s renewable raw material and lower weight mean that it puts less of a burden on the environment than plastic cups, while also saving on transport costs.

Cupforma Special features a pigment coating that improves print results, as well as an advanced baseboard structure enhanced by CTMP in the middle layer.

These offer stiffness and packaging performance in a lower-weight board. The pigment-coated topside creates a smooth and white surface for high printability, yet delivers the strength and sealability needed to withstand the cup forming process.

Cupforma Special is now available with UltraThinPE Tec™ coating options including PE11, and PE Green 9 and 11.

Over the counter ice cream cup
Paper straws in smoothie, renewable materials

Renewable and biodegradable straws

Stora Enso and biomaterial technology company Sulapac have launched a renewable and biodegradable straw to the market.

A patent pending material innovation with strong usability, the straws are made from renewable materials such as wood and plant-based binders that work well in existing plastic straw production lines using conventional machinery.

Stora Enso aims to provide solutions that help make companies eco-friendlier and more circular. The renewable and biodegradable straw is designed for composting and helps customers and consumers combat plastic waste.

Tamfold™ by Stora Enso

Lightweight and  food safe with virgin fibers, Tamfold offers excellent value for fast-food boxes and clamshells.

Produced without optical brightening agents (non-OBA-added), Tamfold’s consistent quality and runnability make it ideal for fast-food packaging, such as french fries and clamshell packaging for hamburgers.

Tamfold is a true all-rounder for folding cartons with its product protection, performance,  and reliability. It performs well in printing and converting processes, including digital printing and laser and inkjet coding and is suitable for Braille embossing and other special finishing effects.

Hamburger box
Macarons in a box

Foodbox™ by Stora Enso

Fully renewable and plastic free, Foodbox’s natural look and feel can boost your brand’s organic and artisanal image.

Based on renewable fibers and technically recyclable paperboard, Foodbox by Stora Enso is made for a variety of food and other packaging applications.

Its uncoated surface makes it the perfect choice for packaging that complements the all-natural product inside.

Foodbox has very good taste and odour neutrality and suits even chilled and frozen conditions. Its three-layer fiber construction makes it sturdy and robust at lower grammages.

Foodbox is free from optical brightening agents (OBA). It’s also available with a transparent PE coating on one or both sides.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications for Cupforma Natura

US Market

Technical specifications for Cupforma Special

Technical specifications for UltraThinPE Tec

Technical specifications for Tamfold

Technical specifications for Foodbox

Cupforma Natura

“Their quality is very good. When we are converting and printing the material, we have less wastage and less quality complaints on sealings and everything. I've been with my current company for around 27 years, and throughout my career we've been working with Stora Enso. In between, we've tried partnering with several other companies, but nothing can beat Stora Enso."



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