Folding cartons

Premium cartonboard for standout folding cartons

Stora Enso is a leading producer of renewable, virgin-fibre-based cartonboard that delivers standout performance in packaging for chocolate and confectionery, perfumes and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, wine and spirits, and food packaging.

Whether you’re a converter, brand owner or designer, we can help you create outstanding, renewable and recyclable packaging that protects your products and promotes safety, all while promoting sales.

When you choose cartonboard from Stora Enso for folding cartons, you open up a world of design and application possibilities that combine high performance and aesthetics. The diversity of our cartonboard range, including solid bleached sulphate board (SBS), folding boxboard (FBB) and coated unbleached kraft (CUK) products of the finest quality, lets you create innovative shapes and special effects that help you differentiate your product.

The fresh fibre and strong, multi-layer structure of our boards offer benefits such as higher strength and stiffness at lower weight, resulting in converting excellence, reliable packaging performance and high material efficiency. You can reduce the weight of the board without sacrificing package integrity – making it a better alternative to heavier boards. And, the lightweight material means lower costs in the supply chain.

Want to make a strong sustainability statement? All the fibre for our cartonboard comes from sustainably managed forests and trees that are a renewable resource, unlike plastic and other non-renewable materials. Like all Stora Enso paperboard products, cartonboard is recyclable – and when you recycle the packages, the valuable fibres will get a second life in other products. Move away from plastic, and select renewable and widely recycled cartonboard. 

Typical folding carton board uses