CKB kraft board – A the strongest choice for a food packaging material

CKB makes the perfect food packaging material for protecting, preserving or promoting the valuable contents of a package.

CKB is a fully coated multilayer kraft back board. The top side is white and the reverse side is brown. Thanks to its exceptional stiffness and strength, CKB by Stora Enso is an ideal food packaging material for folding cartons in a wide variety of uses like dry, chilled and frozen food, chocolate, wine and spirits. CKB also makes great multipacks – the eye-catching pack is light and strong and is easy to carry, open and recycle. It displays impressive tear strength, stacking strength and folding endurance, and is suitable for use with cut-outs, handles and taps.

CKB Karneoli is the newcomer in the CKB product family, produced at our Beihai mill, in China. It is used in beverage multipacks and chilled and frozen food packaging.

Safety and material efficiency, through and through

Today, consumers are paying more attention than ever not just to what’s inside a package, but to the packaging material itself. So, we’ve reduced the weight of CKB to require fewer raw materials to manufacture it. And we only use 100% pure virgin fibre from responsibly managed forests with full traceability.

CKB exhibits great runnability during conversion. This minimises production downtime and costs. Yet one of the most important reasons to choose CKB is for its purity and proven food safety as a food packaging material. The wide range of barrier coating options available for CKB enlarges the span of potential applications and end uses.

All the members of the CKB product family offer ultimate durability combined with excellent printability in offset and digital printing. Besides being a renewable and recyclable material, CKB also provides a natural appearance thanks to its brown reverse. Printing on the brown reverse and using it as the topside of your packaging creates a distinctive natural look and feel.

Barrier coatings for optimal performance

CKB PE comes with transparent, white or black PE coating on its reverse side. CKB PE can help you to optimise package performance, save materials and reduce food waste. CKB 2PE comes with the coating on both sides.

CKB PE Green provides the same high level of protection and convertibility in the most sustainable form, as its transparent PE Green coating is made from completely renewable resources. Yet it offers the same functional properties in converting as traditional fossil-based PE.

CKB also offers a number of special coating options. CKB HDPE has a transparent, high-density PE coating on the reverse side. CKB HX comes with a brown absorbent paper laminated with HDPE on its reverse side for grease and oil resistance. CKB Metallized has a metallized PET-film on the top side to communicate luxury. CKB OxyBarr Al comes with aluminium and PE barriers laminated on its reverse side (applicable for both 6 um + 9 um) for ultimate barrier performance. CKB OxyBarr Al PE also features a transparent PE coating on its top side.


  • Strength, durability and robustness
  • Runnability and material efficiency
  • Natural brown back

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Strong, robust, durable and reliable board promotes packaging integrity

  • 2

    Excellent printability, convertibility and material efficiency

  • 3

    Brown reverse for natural look and feel

  • 4

    Wide range of barrier coating options including PE Green, which is 100% bio-based

  • 5

    Made of food-safe, pure renewable virgin fibre

End uses and application areas

  • 1

    Dry, frozen and chilled food packaging

  • 2

    Wine and spirits packaging, beer multipacks

  • 3

    Chocolate and confectionery packaging

  • 4

    High-strength non-food packaging applications

  • 5

    Multipacks and carrier packs for food and drinks