Crafted to perfection for luxury packaging

Make your first impression count with Ensocoat board for luxury packaging.

Printers, converters and designers around the world trust Ensocoat by Stora Enso, the industry benchmark for outstanding performance in luxury brand packaging and graphical applications. With its sumptuously smooth surface, high whiteness, dazzling brightness and optimised folding properties, it delivers everything you’d expect from a premium board.

Ensocoat is a coated SBS board, the highest quality category of carton board, and features a multi-layer fibre structure of chemical pulp for extra stiffness and strength. It is double-coated on the top side, with one layer of coating on the reverse side. These qualities ensure that Ensocoat can stand up to crisp folding and demanding finishing, such as embossing, foil stamping or other special effects. In two crucial functionality areas – reverse side print results and craftability – Ensocoat simply outshines the competition.

Ensocoat makes for a superb choice in luxury packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, premium chocolates and wines, and in laminated boxes for champagne and fine spirits. A truly versatile board,

Ensocoat is also ideal for high-impact book covers, brochures, directories and catalogues, cards, tags, labels, tickets and posters.

Barrier coating options that protect and impress

Ensocoat Metallized comes with a metallized PET film with a silver colour on the top side. It provides excellent value, runnability and performance when you want a metallized surface to create that feeling of luxe. Its excellent smoothness and visual appearance ensure a superior visual quality for brands that impress.

Ensocoat PE features a transparent PE coating on its reverse side. Ensocoat PE is the right choice for applications requiring protection against humidity. Mainly used for chocolates, confectionery and food end uses.

Ensocoat L is specially developed for cigarette packaging and gravure printing.

No compromise on quality – or the environment

Luxury brands don’t compromise on quality, and neither do we. In Ensocoat, quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Produced from responsibly sourced, renewable raw materials and completely recyclable, Ensocoat serves the industry with high performance while serving Mother Nature. For graphical end uses, Ensocoat comes with an EU Ecolabel Certificate option, which shows that it fulfils the European Commission’s sustainability criteria for graphic paper.

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Why Ensocoat

  • Luxury impression guaranteed
  • Whiteness, brightness and smoothness
  • Foldability, creasing and cutting

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Three-layer fibre structure ensures outstanding creasing, folding and cutting properties

  • 2

    Optimised surface smoothness and whiteness give excellent print and finishing results, allowing graphics and special effects to spring to life

  • 3

    Highly resistant to UV light, yellowing and ageing

  • 4

    Made from 100% ECF renewable virgin fibre from sustainably managed forests, completely recyclable

  • 5

    FSC® and PEFC™ certification and EU Ecolabel upon request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Luxury packaging, cosmetics, perfumes, chocolates and confectionary, premium foods

  • 2

    Graphical packaging like point-of-sale promotions, book covers, greeting cards

  • 3

    Healthcare packaging

  • 4

    Cards, tags, labels, tickets, posters

  • 5

    Amazing artistic endeavours

Ensocoat – Commit to luxury

No luxury is random. We know this because what defines luxury at its very core is commitment. It is the unwavering dedication to detail in every stage of the process that makes Ensocoat the most impressive luxury board on the market. Commit to luxury.