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Luxurious and sustainable? There’s no contradiction.

Made with renewable fibers from sustainably managed forests using bio-energy, smooth and icy-white Ensocoat™ by Stora Enso is the most luxurious natural material on the market.

60 years in the making

Sixty years has passed since Ensocoat was produced for the first time at our Imatra Mill in Eastern Finland. Since then it has been consistently developed to earn its reputation as a world-class luxury packaging and graphical board. An increasing number of leading cosmetic and luxury brands are choosing Ensocoat for their packaging to meet their highest quality requirements.

Discover pure luxury

It’s no wonder that EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso is the leading solid bleached sulphate (SBS) board for creating luxury packaging. Ensocoat is a coated SBS board that features a multi-layer fiber structure of chemical pulp for extra stiffness and strength that tolerates the most demanding finishing treatments.

Ensocoat delivers an aesthetic, bio-based experience and an unbeatable impression – a snow-white, blank canvas to print on. For decades, printers have chosen this unfailing material for its superior performance in folded structures and its surface smoothness for superb finishes.

The packaging you create epitomises your brand, and with EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso, presenting an outstanding product is effortless. For graphical end uses, Ensocoat comes with an EU Ecolabel Certificate option, showing that it fulfils the European Commission’s sustainability criteria for graphic paper.

Yes, the height of luxury can be highly conscious.

Ensocoat updated products

EnsocoatTM by Stora Enso - pure luxury

With its smooth, icy-white surface, Ensocoat is the flagship of Stora Enso’s carton boards.

Fail-safe in printing and converting processes and extremely tolerant of demanding finishing treatments, it’s no wonder that Ensocoat is the leading SBS for luxury packaging.

Ensocoat has a multi-layer fiber structure of chemical pulp for extra stiffness and strength. Its double-coated top side and light coating on the reverse, enables Ensocoat to stand up to crisp folding and demanding finishing, such as embossing, foil stamping and other special effects. 

Discover pure luxury

EnsocoatTM 2S by Stora Enso

Ensocoat 2S makes your packaging unique from the inside out with two layers of coating on both sides.

Ensocoat 2S by Stora Enso offers the highest quality for graphical products as well as luxury and cosmetics packaging.

A beautiful two-side coated SBS board, it offers all the best qualities of Ensocoat but with a double-pigment coating on its top as well as its reverse side. This gives the board a symmetrical appearance while also making it ideal for adding surprising special touches, like metalized foil, to the inside of your package.

Ensocoat 2S is the perfect option for any packaging or graphical application.

Perfume packaging

Technical specifications for Ensocoat and Ensocoat 2S

Technical specifications - US

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