A robust folding boxboard that delivers run-to-run consistency

When you need a robust paperboard for delicate applications like pharmaceutical packaging or food packaging, Tambrite folding boxboard delivers.

Tambrite by Stora Enso is a popular all-round choice for renewable folding cartons thanks to its great value, runnability and performance. It is a fully coated folding boxboard with a cream reverse (GC2). The board consists of three fibre layers, with chemical pulp layers on both sides and pressure groundwood in the middle layer. Tambrite is also available hard-sized (HS).

A highly versatile board, Tambrite caters to today’s diverse use of folding cartons. It features excellent stiffness and a bulk that helps to increase yield and reduce costs throughout the packaging chain while maintaining high quality. Tambrite also delivers a pleasing visual appearance and performs well in printing and converting processes like digital printing, laser and inkjet coding, as well as Braille embossing and other special finishing effects.

From healthcare to food, a carton board serving many markets

Tambrite is ideal for healthcare packaging for prescription medicines due to its technical properties, value for money, and high performance in all types of printing, finishing and lamination processes.

In dry food packaging, chilled food packaging and frozen food packaging, as well as folding cartons for chocolate and confectioneries, the robustness and printability of Tambrite help you communicate the quality of the packaged product.

Barrier coating options for maximum versatility

Tambrite PE comes with a transparent, white or black PE coating on its reverse side. Tambrite PE is also available hard-sized (HS). Tambrite 2PE features PE coating on both sides.

Tambrite PE Green provides the same high level of protection and convertibility in the most sustainable form, as its transparent PE Green coating is made totally from renewable resources. Yet it offers the same functional properties in converting as traditional fossil-based PE.

Tambrite HDPE has a transparent high-density PE coating on the reverse side. Tambrite HDPE is also available hard-sized (HS). Tambrite Metallized has a metallized PET film on the top side to communicate luxury.

Why Tambrite

  • Robustness and printability in one
  • Excellent stiffness and bulk
  • Runnability and material efficiency

Key benefits and end uses

Key benefits

  • 1

    Excellent stiffness and bulk provide robustness without compromising on visual appearance

  • 2

    Strong yet lightweight board delivers high yield

  • 3

    Combination of high quality and value for money

  • 4

    Made from renewable resources and is recyclable

  • 5

    FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request

End use areas and applications

  • 1

    Healthcare and pharmaceuticals packaging

  • 2

    Food packaging

  • 3

    Cereals, tea, biscuits and other dry food packaging

  • 4

    Chocolate and confectionery packaging

  • 5

    Other folding cartons