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The perfect workhorse for packaging pharmaceuticals and food

TambriteTM by Stora Enso is the natural choice for packaging everyday necessities. A renewable and recyclable material that’s made with wood and pulp fibers from sustainably managed forests, Tambrite is well-known for its efficiency in converting and filling lines.

A robust folding boxboard that delivers run-to-run consistency, Tambrite™ by Stora Enso has been the go-to packaging material of food and pharmaceutical companies for decades. Available as hard-sized (HS) as well as barrier-coated on demand, Tambrite can be made to withstand humid and frozen conditions and to reduce plastics when packaging frozen and chilled foods.

Tambrite is a fully coated folding boxboard with a cream reverse side (GC2). Boasting a high stiffness and excellent material efficiency, it’s a board that can safeguard your product and create a great visual impression while also reducing costs throughout the packaging chain. Tambrite’s ideal stiffness-to-weight ratio means that contents are well protected even when each package is lighter in weight.

Tambrite fulfills the relevant legal standards for food and pharmaceutical packaging while meeting flexibility demands in production. Tambrite performs well in printing, converting and filling lines. It’s suitable for digital printing, laser and inkjet coding, as well as Braille embossing and other special finishing effects.

Our product grades

Tambrite tea in cup

Tambrite™ by Stora Enso

Excellent stiffness and bulk that does not compromise on visual appearance.

Tambrite is a popular all-around choice for renewable folding cartons, thanks to its great value, runnability and performance.

It is a fully coated folding boxboard with a cream reverse side (GC2). The board consists of three fibre layers, with chemical pulp layers on both sides and pressure groundwood pulp in the middle layer.

Tambrite is also available hard sized (HS).

Technical specifications

Technical specifications for the US

“With a folding carton for snacks packaging, Tambrite expressed its value through a 33% reduction on basis weight. Making the switch from recycled board to Tambrite improved the overall visual characteristics of the carton, as well as the efficiency of the packing line.”


Food brand owner

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