Premium packaging from a mill with carbon neutral production

Stora Enso’s lightweight and low carbon Performa product family offers climate-conscious folding boxboards (FBB) that are a perfect fit for premium packaging.

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The future of packaging is low carbon, renewable and recyclable. Performa™ by Stora Enso is a family of carton boards for premium folding cartons. Made of fibers from sustainably managed forests, all Performa products deliver exceptional packaging performance at a very low weight.

We offer Performa products with a top side coating, as well as choices for reverse sides with and without coating, covering all packaging needs and a variety of end-uses and printing technologies. What you get is great packaging that sells your brand and protects the product while also caring for the planet.

Let your brand take centre stage with the best packaging material which enables you to communicate to consumers while reducing your footprint. Performa carton boards work well in offset, flexo, rotogravure and digital printing, and can help minimize downtime and costs.

Beautiful and lightweight, Performa makes great packaging perfect.

Performa brilliance

Performa Brilliance by Stora Enso

Brightness, smoothness and a beautiful appearance for luxury packaging and graphical applications.

Performa Brilliance features the best whiteness in the folding boxboard market on both top and reverse sides and sets completely new standards for visual impression, printability and runnability.

Designed for high-end packaging applications, Performa Brilliance is ideal in folding cartons for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and luxury packaging. A GC1 board with a triple-coated topside, it beats competing SBS grades on print results, while its light-coated reverse is suitable for full-colour printing.

Performa Brilliance enables you to reduce packaging weights while elevating any product with a brilliant impression. It’s equally brilliant for graphical applications like book covers, greeting cards, folders, tickets and tags.

Performa Light by Stora Enso

The lightest weight GC2 grade with high whiteness and smoothness.

Performa Light is a renewable, low-carbon material for premium folding cartons. It offers impeccable visual appearance, runnability in printing and converting processes, providing the print results required for creating a premium brand perception and customer experience.

The board’s robustness enables safe and firm packaging at a low weight. It’s suitable for direct food contact, not to mention taste and odour neutral for delicate products such as chocolate.

Performa Light is produced with patented FiberLight Tec™ including microfibrillated cellulose in the structure. This reduces the need for energy and material in the production process. Furthermore, its low weight, leads to lower CO2 emissions in transport.

Performa light paper
Chocolate packaging

Performa White by Stora Enso

Taste and odour neutral Performa White combines performance with a beautiful white appearance.

Performa White by Stora Enso is an aesthetically appealing triple-coated GC1 board with a white-coated reverse side. Its three-layer fibre structure includes chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP) in the middle layer.

Performa White is a premium renewable cartonboard that is ideal for folding cartons for packaging fragrances cosmetics, and personal care products. For chocolates and confectionery, its proven taste and odour neutrality is a major benefit.

Additionally, Performa White performs well in graphical end uses and can stand up to the most demanding finishing effects.

Performa Natura by Stora Enso

A more natural cartonboard for food and chocolate packaging.

Performa Natura by Stora Enso is a safe choice if you’re looking for a more natural cartonboard for packaging foods such as chocolate and confectionery.

It also makes a great packaging material for pharmaceuticals, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Performa Natura is a fully coated CTMP board with a cream uncoated reverse side that is produced without optical brightening agents (OBA). It features a technically advanced three-layer fiber structure for material efficiency, toughness, bulk and runnability.

Chocolate box
Frozen food packaging

Performa Cream by Stora Enso

Rigidity, purity and good visual characteristics for a variety of end uses.

Performa Cream by Stora Enso is a food-safe GC2 board with an uncoated cream reverse side. It performs well in broad range of end uses that demand rigidity, purity and good visual characteristics.

Performa Cream by Stora Enso features a triple-pigment-coated top side, with an uncoated cream reverse side. It is odour and taste neutral and approved for food contact, making it ideal for food packaging and as a chocolate packaging material.

You can also use Performa Cream for folding cartons for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

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