Performa Brilliance for Yves Rocher

Stora Enso provides climate-friendly packaging solution for Yves Rocher

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Stora Enso is collaborating with world-renowned cosmetics and beauty brand Yves Rocher to create a more climate-friendly packaging solution for premium cosmetic products. Stora Enso’s Performa Brilliance™ folding boxboard was selected by Yves Rocher to package its Repairing Anti-Pollution Day Care product, part of its new Elixir Botanique line.

“We wanted to find lighter, more climate-friendly packaging that would support our company’s sustainable values while still give customers the intended brand experience. Stora Enso’s Performa Brilliance solution was able to meet our needs exactly,” says Guillaume Delaunay, Packaging Project Manager, Groupe Rocher Operations.

The company, part of Groupe Rocher, looks to use FSC-certified European wood fibers wherever possible. For its new product, the company wanted to reduce the amount of carton used by as much as 40% -- no small feat when one considers the challenges this places on the new material. By removing two sides from the packaging, the need for a PP film was removed, and it also made the product more visible to would-be buyers. The packaging is also tamper-evident – an additional functional benefit.

Much of Yves Rocher’s commerce is carried out via their popular online store, meaning that the packaging would need to be able to withstand lengthy transportation. This involved gaining ISTA® 6-Series Amazon approval, which sets strict criteria to meet regarding resistance to vibration, shocks, and the other stresses often experienced during parcel delivery.

Reducing material usage

The solution that Yves Rocher decided on was beneficial both in terms of sustainability and visual appearance. To achieve this design, a strong material that could guarantee high protection and still support the open features was needed. That is why we selected Performa Brilliance™.

Performa Brilliance is a lightweight and low carbon packaging solution with the right brightness and smoothness to allow premium products to shine. Its standards for visual impression, printability, and runnability are such that the packaging can feature artwork on the light-coated reverse side to help bring out the product’s visual brand identity.

Performa Brilliance for Yves Rocher

Elixir Botanique arrived in stores during the fall of 2021 and the response so far has been very positive from retailers and customers alike.

Proven performance as a sustainable solution

Having proven that Performa Brilliance continues to offer protection, tear resistance, and excellent visual qualities, it is well-placed to help more brand owners help reduce material usage.

“The collaboration with Yves Rocher demonstrates our ability to help brand owners, in cosmetics and beyond, to significantly lower their packaging climate footprint through lighter material usage,” concludes Yousra Gherairi, Business Development Manager, Cosmetics & Luxury at Stora Enso Packaging Materials division.

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