It’s time to replace plastic in packaging with barrier boards

Thanks to barrier coating solutions, paperboard offers a sustainable, renewable and low-carbon alternative to plastic in all kinds of demanding end-use applications that require high protection and strong performance.

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Ready to let go of plastic?

If you’ve decided to reduce your dependence on plastic for packaging food, liquid or anything that requires effective protection, Stora Enso’s barrier-coated paperboards are the way forward. Calculate the impact of replacing plastic in trays.

Based on renewable fibres

 Paperboards with barriers are made typically of 80-95% renewable raw material. Read more on replacing plastic in food packaging.

Protection and performance

Barrier coatings provide critical qualities, such as humidity control, sealing properties, airtightness, light protection, oxygen permeability, aroma barrier, heat resistance, peelability, and grease proofing.

Our products

Trayforma grapejuice

Paper-based trays


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Cupforma Natura

Packaging in paper cups and tubs


Read about Cupforma

Barrier coating solutions and innovations

Coffee packaging

How to choose the ideal barrier

Need help finding the best barrier for your end use? We offer a full line of industry-leading solutions, and our team of experts are happy to support you further. Simply leave your contact details in our contact form!
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Icecream container

New barrier solutions

With AquaTM barriers, the paperboard is finished with water-based dispersion technology, enabling the board to be liquid and grease resistant while providing the highest fiber recovery in recycling.
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Fazer Aito and Yosa oat snacks packaging

See what we’re working on

Stora Enso aims to develop technologies that reduce barrier coating weights, increase renewable content in barriers and make barrier products easier to recycle. First products from these developments are already in the market, and more are introduced soon.
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Renewable, recyclable and compostable packaging for Carte d’Or

Carte d’Or ice cream’s new paperboard tub has several advantages over the previous plastic packaging. The paperboard replaces oil-based material with fibers from traceable, legal and sustainably managed Nordic forests, and yet the tub is 23% lighter. With a thin biodegradable barrier coating to ensure protection for the delicious ice cream, Cupforma Natura 2Bio helps Unilever drastically reduce their plastic consumption. As the total use is 11 million packages in a year, the packaging cuts plastic consumption by 520 tons annually. That’s a savings of ten tons of plastic per week.

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