Renewable, bio-based materials designed for trays

Choosing the original renewable paperboard material to replace PET trays helps you reduce your annual plastic usage by up to 80%. Plus, it can lower the carbon footprint of the tray by two thirds – a real game-changer in reaching your carbon reduction targets for packaging.

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Did you know? More than one in three consumers is ready to pay above average prices for products made with sustainable materials. Creating solutions that meet consumers’ demands for eco-performance can be complex when packaging liquids, and chilled or frozen foods.

For these products, reducing and replacing plastics with renewable materials is key. To help food brands combat climate change, Trayforma™ PET is shown to reduce carbon emissions by two-thirds in comparison to PET trays in a critically reviewed LCA study.

Replacing rigid PET trays with paperboard makes a huge impact on carbon emissions. Paperboard also allows brands to communicate about reducing in plastic in their supply chains. This in turn helps consumers who want to transition away from plastic and make more sustainable choices.

Tray products

Trayforma on table

Trayforma™ by Stora Enso

Trayforma is the original paper-based tray material for replacing plastic and aluminium.

Trayforma’s functional barriers and guaranteed food safety and taste and odour neutrality allow it to work conveniently from freezer via oven to table. With its innovative tooling technology by Stora Enso, it can be used even in gas-tight or modified atmosphere packaging.

Trayforma can reduce up to 80% of plastic in ready-meal trays and up to 67% of CO2 emissions. A highly formable and convertible material, it’s perfectly suited for tray pressing lines, enabling customisation to exact shape and size requirements as well as premium product presentation with flexo and offset printing.

Trayforma PET is conventional or microwave oven safe, while the new Trayforma PP is a microwavable ready-meal tray with 50% less plastic and free from PET. Trayforma Bio microwave-ovenable trays are compostable.

Trayforma is now also available in 420gsm for producing larger and sturdier microwave and conventional oven trays.

Trayforma Special by Stora Enso

Trayforma Special paperboard helps products stand out on the shelf and in consumers’ hands.

Trayforma Special is a sustainable, renewable packaging material for food, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request. It’s a versatile pigment-coated paperboard that features extra stiffness and runnability for high efficiency.

It can be used in folded trays and pre-cut lids and is food-safe, taste and odour neutral. The trays can be designed with a large printable area for enhanced branding possibilities.
A PET coating provides Trayforma Special with high heat resistance and protection against humidity, oxygen and grease.

Ovenable food packaging

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Technical Specifications

New gas-tight tray from Stora Enso and AR Packaging to reduce plastic in chilled food packaging

“The increasing demand for sustainable packaging has led to an intensive search for gas-tight board trays. We have invested a great deal of effort to develop this new packaging solution together with Stora Enso. The shape of the tray is optimised to ensure tight packs, which delivers a shelf life up to 18 days, depending on the product packed. We thereby meet the needs for a wide range of chilled food products, such as fresh meat and chicken, processed meat, cheese, ready meals, and the like.”

Åke Larsson
Managing Director at CC Pack

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