New barrier solutions to replace plastic in packaging

We are a leading expert with the latest technologies to create functional barriers on renewable paperboards. As new demands emerge, we continue to develop materials and solutions that meet your requirements for replacing plastics in packaging with renewable alternatives as well as improve end-of-life options for packaging.

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Dispersion technology creates liquid- and grease-resistant paperboard with Aqua coatings instead of traditional plastic layers. These innovative materials can be used for packing moist and fatty foods and drinks. At the end-of-life, they offer higher fiber recovery in recycling.

Stora Enso’s dispersion barrier boards can be compared with folding boxboard and clay-coated graphical boards in technical recyclability. We support our customers in designing packaging for circularity case by case because collection infrastructure tends to vary between countries and regions. Paperboard products are typically collected together with paper and board or with light-weight packaging, with more material recycled in Europe every year than glass, metal, and plastic combined.

In addition to the creation of new eco-friendly and circular solutions, product protection always guides material developments in packaging. We develop new bio-based barrier technologies and combinations of different solutions together with our partners and customers. Collaboration helps new solutions reach consumers faster.

Paperboards with Aqua™ coating

Paper straws in smoothie, renewable materials

Aqua coatings increase circularity

Paperboards with Aqua™ coatings are designed for effective recycling. In the recycling process, fibers are collected into what is called the accept stream while other non-fiber materials like staples, inks and barriers go into the reject stream. In traditional plastic layers, fibers can remain attached and end up getting rejected. In contrast, Aqua coating disintegrates, so that less fibers end up being rejected, increasing the recycling value of the collected packaging. The barrier is then cleaned from the fiber through recycling mills’ normal treatment processes.

Food packaging

CKB Nude Aqua

CKB Nude Aqua™ by Stora Enso is a fully unbleached, uniquely brown kraft board for short-contact food packaging like fast food. The Aqua coating reduces a process step with varnish applications and removes harmful fluorochemicals. Printable and convertible with existing technologies, and safe grease-protection with a KIT value of 8, CKB Nude Aqua is the perfect eco-friendly packaging material for burgers, fries, and more.

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