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Yogurt cups, ice cream tubs, soup bowls or snack cups – whatever you’re packing today, be sure to opt for renewable, low-carbon paper cups!

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Replacing plastic is a key element in the drive towards a circular bioeconomy, decoupling from fossil materials and replacing them with renewable and recyclable alternatives. Consumers demand change, and we help respond to that demand.

Cup-shaped packaging is produced with cup making technology where a printed sleeve is formed together and sealed to include the cup bottom. This converting technology requires sealable, formable paperboards that perform well in the stringent demands of curling and shaping. A well-formed cup feels sturdy and stiff in your hand. Depending on what you need to protect, the right barrier keeps contents safe.

CupformaTM by Stora Enso is designed not only to withstand the converting process and enable a good surface for printing, but also to ensure optimal product protection and mitigate food waste in the supply chain to consumers. For a wide range of demands, you can pack almost anything with Cupforma.

Cup products

Icecream container

Cupforma Dairy by Stora Enso

Cupforma Dairy is specially developed for dairy packaging and protecting chilled and frozen foods.

With decades of proven results in dairy packaging, Cupforma Dairy is the low-carbon, eco-friendly alternative for modern demands.

Specifically designed for dairy cups, Cupforma Dairy helps you optimise taste and freshness, customer convenience and shelf life, not to mention brand differentiation.

It’s an uncoated SBS board made from virgin fibers featuring an advanced multilayer fibre construction, resulting in excellent formability and process efficiency in converting lines.
For decades, Cupforma Dairy has been used to protect milk and cream, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, desserts, and butter, too.

Cupforma Special by Stora Enso

Safe and of high-quality, Cupforma Special by Stora Enso makes an excellent paper cup material for a variety of foods.

Delivering the best print results, Cupforma Special is an excellent paperboard for the graphical and physical requirements of ice cream packaging, spice containers and other food packaging.

The pigment-coated topside enables a smooth surface for a stand-out presence on shelf and for out-of-home convenience.

Cupforma Special also puts less of a burden on the environment compared to plastic cups, thanks to its renewable raw material and light weight, multilayer fiber structure.

With Cupforma Special, you can save on transport costs as well as decrease your environmental footprint.

Picnic with coffee and ice cream

Technical Specifications for Cupforma

Technical specifications - US

The new paperboard cup of Fazer Yosa 200g produces 56% less CO2 throughout its life cycle

“Responsibility has been at the heart of the oat-based Aito product family from the very beginning. Customers have welcomed the new, more sustainable packaging. We have also received good feedback from consumers on reducing the amount of plastic. The new cups are more convenient for consumers, as they are easier to recycle than before: the entire cup can be sorted into cardboard collection, and the aluminium lid placed into metal recycling.”

Susanna Kallio
Brand and Category Director at Fazer

Collaboration with Rosset and Vigor

Carton based packaging with a coating can help to reduce plastic

Rosset, a packaging company from Sao Paolo, Brazil has begun manufacturing a wide variety of customer products for the country's enormous customer base. Together with Vigor and Stora Enso, they are bringing innovative solutions to meet the evergrowing demand of high-quality sustainable products in Brazil.

Watch the video and find out how we help customers differentiate with appealing eco-friendly packaging.



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