Paper cups designed for recycling support circularity

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Once upon a cup

It is an age-old tale – the one about paper cups only having one life. We are here to tell you that the fibers in paper cups can, in fact, go on to having multiple lives. 

Our recent development take down the old myth: paper cups can be recycled across Europe. And we don’t just mean cups made of our materials but we should aim to recycle all paper cups across Europe. And by doing that we can further reduce the already low climate impact of paper cups by more than fifty percent.

We at Stora Enso are now inviting companies and consumers to re-examine the way they use paper cups. We want to encourage recycling. We want you to circulate your cup. The hope is that we can recover all used paper cups. This requires activity from everyone – put your cup in the right bin after use. Moreover, companies are invited to examine possibilities for collecting used paper cups for recycling.

Give cups a chance to live a second life


How to increase recycling of paper cups

"Based on the earlier encouraging insights and now on the recent ones, as well as the ongoing development in materials, we are looking forward to scaling up the paper cup recycling. We want to invite partners and customers for developing solutions together for collection and sorting of used paper cups for recycling."

Maria Holopainen
Business Lead on Circular Economy at Stora Enso


Bike cup

Paper cups can and should be recycled across Europe

Refuting a common myth – paper cups can and should be recycled across Europe. Get to know the tests and research behind it and read more about what consumers and companies alike can do to scale up the recycling of paper cups. After all, this is is a joint effort.
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Cupforma Aqua +

Cupforma Natura Aqua+ is on everyone's lips – as a paper lid of the new age

In 2021, the global consumption of paper cups reached more than 244.7 billion units. Most of them still have a non-recyclable plastic lid on. Finnish entrepreneur Matti Salonoja wanted to create an alternative to plastic. Stora Enso Cupforma Natura Aqua+ gave a great base for the groundbreaking solution.
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Bench cup

New innovation minimizes plastic in paper cups

With the help of UltraThinPE Tec™, Stora Enso has developed the thinnest polymer coating for FSB products on the market. This achievement allows for paper cup designs with less than 5% plastic – an important step in helping packaging converters, brand-owners, and retailers meet their plastics reduction targets.
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