Circular and renewable innovations in the pipeline

We are developing technologies that further reduce plastic in our products, increase the renewable content in barriers, as well as make barrier products easier to recycle.

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Today, barrier coatings are already enabling the removal of vast amounts of plastic from supply chains. But our aim is to never stop innovating as we reduce the plastic in our products further, find bio-based polymers that enable companies and brands to decouple from fossil materials, and create new ways to simplify the recycling of these materials.

Our development work focuses on three key areas:

With our customers, partners and researchers, we will release more commercial products resulting from this work in 2021. So, watch this space!

Our products


Natura Shape

Natura Shape is a renewable paperboard tube that reduces plastic in the primary packaging of cosmetics – a new application area for our paperboard.
Ovenable food packaging

Trayforma Bio

Trayforma Bio is industrially compostable and features a biodegradable coating on the reverse side.
Food packaging

CKB Nude Aqua

CKB Nude Aqua is a uniquely brown, grease-resistant paperboard without fluorochemicals for foodservice applications.

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