Get to know the benefits of paperboard packaging

When you choose renewable paperboard from sustainably managed forests, you’re opening up a world of advantages.

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More and more companies are opting for paperboard packaging to protect their products while taking advantage of the host of benefits it brings to their brands and to the environment. 

One of the most sustainable packaging materials available today, paperboard is a low carbon, non-fossil based and renewable alternative to plastic with one of the highest recycling rates. What’s more, paperboard packaging appeals greatly to today’s eco-conscious consumers. 

With its versatility and technical characteristics, paperboard offers brand owners and manufacturers the ability to design and innovate creative packaging solutions that are sure to attract attention on stores’ shelves.

Join the movement towards a circular bioeconomy

Circular Design Guide for Packaging

Interested in fighting the climate crisis while making your product stand out from the rest?

Then designing for a circular economy is the way to go. To decrease waste and carbon emissions and win consumers’ hearts with eco-friendly choices, choosing fossil-free materials from renewable forests is the best place to start.

Download our Circular Design Guide for Packaging!



White ensocoat
Food tray

Replacing plastic in food packaging

Are you looking to replace plastics and build brand equity with renewable packaging?

Download our white paper to find out:
  • How packaging builds brand equity now and in the future
  • The many benefits of renewable materials 
  • The opportunities and challenges in replacing plastics with renewable materials in food packaging



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Eco icons help consumers make sustainable choices

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