Renewable and recyclable packaging materials for soft or hard packs

From the simplest to the most advanced tobacco packaging solutions, we’ve got the right material for your brand.

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Our wide range of high-quality materials for tobacco packaging helps you achieve optimal performance in printing, converting and packaging. They can be folded into a variety of shapes, including flip-tops, bevelled edges, round corners and other novelty packaging designs and inner frames.

Thanks to the unique fiber structure and smooth surface of our boards, you gain both superior design flexibility and reliable runnability on high-speed packaging lines. This makes the material ideal for demanding finishing techniques and printing – and helps ensure less downtime, less waste and more productivity.

The combination of strength, stiffness and light weight along with dimensional stability and flatness helps packs keep their shape, opening after opening.

All our boards have excellent taste and odour control and are renewable and recyclable, with FSC® and PEFC™ certification on request.

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Ensocoat L by Stora Enso

Trusted worldwide for outstanding performance in tobacco packaging applications.

Ensocoat L was specially developed for tobacco packaging and gravure printing.

Its optimal surface smoothness and whiteness deliver superb print and finishing results that allow graphics and special effects to come alive. It simply outshines the competition in two crucial functionality areas - reverse side print results and craftability.

A coated solid bleached sulphate (SBS) board, the highest quality category of carton board, Ensocoat guarantees a luxury impression. It stands up to crisp folding, embossing, foil stamping and other demanding finishing effects. It’s also highly resistant to UV light, yellowing and ageing.

Koppar™ by Stora Enso

A family of bulky yet light carton boards designed specifically for tobacco packaging.

Koppar’s unique fiber composition, smooth surface and structural advantages enable both superior design flexibility and reliable runnability on high-speed packaging lines.

The Koppar product family offers a range of materials for hard-pack and soft-pack solutions and includes boards with coated or uncoated reverse sides.

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