Circular brands and the climate solution

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The increasing global demand for eco-friendly solutions means brands are under increasing pressure to become more circular, and to communicate why their products and solutions represent a sustainable choice. Our President and CEO Annica Bresky discusses how brands can become circular, the road to plastic-free supply chains and whether there are enough trees to support this transition.

In order to support our customers both now and in the future with this journey, we are taking the next steps on our sustainability journey with focus on circularity, climate and biodiversity. Annica Bresky discusses our goal to offer regenerative solutions – solutions that don’t just reduce harm but positively contribute to nature restoration and climate change mitigation, and thus contribute to the wellbeing of people.

Key topics discussed:

  • The Planetary boundaries – what are they and how do they relate to companies?
  • How can we ensure biodiversity in the forests?
  • How can brands become circular?
  • Is recycled fiber always better than virgin fiber?
  • What can brands do already today to move towards a plastic-free supply chain?
  • Will the world ever become plastic-free?
  • Are there enough trees to replace all fossil-based materials?
  • How can brands communicate that their products are the most sustainable choice?

This journey can’t be made in isolation. It’s only by working together in the value chain that companies will be able to bring new solutions to the market. When asked what she would like to see from our customers, Annica Bresky’s message is clear: “More collaboration and execution on innovation.”

“Becoming a regenerative company with regenerative solutions is the focus for us the upcoming years, making sure that we have tangible targets and actions.”

Annica Bresky, President and CEO

Short versions of the video

Part 1:

News steps on our sustainability journey
We are taking new steps on our sustainability journey to support our customers reach their own targets, building on our responsible business practices of today.

Part 2:

How to make brands circular
Annica shares how we help brands become more circular, what features are needed from materials in the future and what to consider when comparing virgin and recycled materials.

Part 3:

Towards a plastic-free supply chain
Switching to renewable materials is imperative for combatting climate change and global waste problem. Annica discusses the quest for plastic-free, recycling and whether there are enough trees.