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Who to talk to?

We can help you cut emissions today

It makes business sense to do the right thing for the environment. People everywhere want to make the right choices. If you can make it easy for your customers to choose an eco-friendly alternative, you’ll be helping the planet and giving yourself a competitive edge in the process.

At Stora Enso, we’re collaborating with our customers, industry partners, recyclers and innovators to create a fossil-free circular economy. Today, most products can be made in full or in part from renewable materials. Wood-fibers are being used to make everything from multi-storey buildings to rechargeable batteries.

Talk to us about making your business fossil-free.

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Replacing plastics in packaging

By replacing plastics, you can cut your packaging carbon emissions by up to 75%. In fact, there are endless opportunities to phase out plastics today.

Some fossil-based plastics will be difficult to replace but they can all be minimized and every step to reduce plastics makes a difference. Our EcoFishBox for example, is made mainly from renewable wood-fibers. It’s a complete solution for packing fish throughout the supply chain and reduces emissions by at least 40% according to our LCA study.

We’re making water bottles from paper, we’re replacing styrofoam with bio-based alternatives and we’re supplying paper-based tubes for cosmetics. At Stora Enso, we can also help minimise waste and energy consumption in your entire manufacturing process. We work together with our partners and help rationalise operations and logistics and establish new processes to streamline your business.

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New innovations based on biomaterials

Whatever product you manufacture, the materials used in production matter. Today, you can cut your emissions by finding alternatives to traditional materials that are heavy on fossil-fuels. That’s where we come in.

We’re replacing the graphitic carbon in batteries. We’re replacing the glues or binders in the construction industry, with alternatives from the lignin in trees. We’ve also come up with a new kind of bio-based carbon fiber. All from sustainably managed forests.

Our R&D teams are working all the time on new materials and finding new ways to replace existing products that are high on fossil-based materials. Talk to us and let’s work together to reduce both waste and emissions in your business.

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Building for sustainability and well-being

Cut carbon emissions in your next building project by 70% when you choose sustainably sourced wood instead of concrete and steel. Today, there are no limits to what you can build. Massive-engineered wood allows you to construct everything from a 20-storey apartment building to a state-of-the-art school.

Pre-fabricated wooden elements also mean lighter transports and less traffic to the building site, cutting down your transport emissions as well as the time spent on-site.

There’s another advantage. People living and working in wooden buildings feel better and work better. Productivity levels are higher while blood pressure levels are lower. We call it the woodhouse effect. Talk to us and we’ll make your next building a sustainable one in every sense of the word.

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Building a sustainable brand

When you cut your emissions in a real way, you gain a competitive advantage. Most consumers want to know that the brands they buy from are walking the talk. They want proof that waste is being minimised, plastic is being replaced and carbon emissions are being cut.

At Stora Enso, we’re here to help you get there by providing renewable alternatives. Most products can be made from renewable materials today whether it’s a building or a battery.

Let’s talk to see how we can help you go fossil-free.

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