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New innovations based on biomaterials

There are new bio-based alternatives to fossil-based materials that can solve a variety of challenges in your business. 

Do you need to reduce emissions? Do you need to become more sustainable? We’re creating new fossil-free materials to let you do it. Let’s talk.

We can help you with:

Did someone say sustainable batteries?

Whatever you manufacture, you probably want to do it with less fossil fuels, less energy and less waste. The materials used in manufacturing matter, which is why low-emissions alternatives to steel and plastic are so important. What's more, they come from sustainably managed forests.

In fact, we’re using parts of the tree today that were previously burned for energy. For example, lignin is today being used to replace binders in the construction industry and to replace graphite in lithium-ion batteries.

Our highly committed R&D teams at Stora Enso are continually developing new solutions and ramping them up on an industrial scale so that you can reach your sustainability goals.

Looking for a sustainable alternative? Talk to us for a bio-based material that meets your needs.

Did you know?

  • The world’s largest lignin plant is Stora Enso’s Sunila mill in Finland
  • NeoLigno® is a binder completely free from formaldehyde and isocynate
  • Our fossil-free carbon fiber has two bio-based ingredients – cellulose and lignin

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We are re-using what used to be considered waste and thereby making the most out of our raw materials. Many new bio-based innovations have come from these side-streams.


Reference cases:

Carbon for energy storage
Valorising side stream

Sunila Mill pilot plant and the future of batteries

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Peab continues its journey towards climate-improved asphalt with Stora Enso’s lignin
Replacement of oil-based materials

Peab continues its journey towards climate-improved asphalt 

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Replacing fossil-based binder materials in Koskisen Zero panel
indoor air quality

World’s first fully bio-based furniture board is born from the cooperation of Stora Enso and Koskisen Oy

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