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The single-use dilemma

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How to solve the single-use dilemma?

The switch from plastic to environmentally friendly materials is a complex challenge – particularly in the area of single-use items – and is not necessarily solved by one solution. In this podcast, we look at the differing views on single-use and multi-use, with a special focus on food service items, such as paper cups.

In this episode, you will find out:

  • How should brand owners think about how to serve food and beverage in coffee shops and quick-service restaurants?
  • Can consumers continue to use takeaway cups with good conscience?
  • What are the differences in the lifecycle footprint between single-use and multiple use food items?

At the heart of the discussion is the recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study by the European Paper Packaging Association (EPPA) on the topic of Single Use vs Multiple Use.

Guests on the podcast

  • Emiliano Micalizio, Principal and Operation Manager, Ramboll
  • Veronika Abraham, Senior Consultant Sustainability, Ramboll
  • Antonio D'Amato, CEO of Seda International Packaging Group
  • Maria Holopainen, Business Lead on Circular Economy, Packaging Materials, Stora Enso

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