Formed fiber salad bowls

Replacing plastics in food packaging

Recycling alone cannot solve the plastic waste problem. To transition towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy, we need to move away from fossil-based materials. Renewable materials are the way forward. Our renewable food and beverage packaging solutions help our customers to replace plastic and to meet consumer and end-user demand for eco-friendly solutions.

Solutions for:

Frozen food packaging

Dry food, frozen food

Renewable and recyclable paperboard solutions, designed for protecting food products and enabling a myriad of design possibilities.

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Coffe cup

Beverages and other liquids

Renewable, and recyclable paperboard solutions for replacing plastic packaging in dairy products, plant-milks, juices, soups, oils, water and wines.

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Food tray

Food service, quick-service restaurants

Versatile, renewable and safe solutions for food service packaging that fulfills consumer demands for reduced use of plastic with low carbon materials.

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Multi-use cutlery made from biocomposite


Biocomposite to replace up to 51% of plastic with wood fibers in disposable cutlery and reduce your carbon footprint.

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LumiFlex flexible packaging paper

Pulp for food packaging

A broad portfolio of softwood and hardwood kraft pulp that is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

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Fresh produce, fish and seafood

Renewable alternatives to plastic packaging for food that needs to travel long distances. Solutions for fresh produce, poultry, meat and fish.

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Benefits for companies, brands and consumers:

  • Lowering CO2 emissions compared to non-renewable materials
  • Improving brand perceptions through replacing plastic in packaging
  • Differentiation with safe and eco-friendly solutions for fast food and food delivery services
  • Helping consumers reduce plastic waste

Latest innovations:

PureFiber™ confectionery and cookie inserts

Next generation eco-products to replace plastic

PureFiber™ by Stora Enso is a new selection of formed fiber products for single-use food packaging items such as plastic-free and PFAS-free cups, bowls and coffee cup lids as well as for non-food items.

PureFiberTM product line enable approximately 75% lower CO2 footprint compared to alternative packaging materials, such as plastic or bagasse. They can either be recycled or composted after use.

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Enjoying chocolate

A new eco-friendly material for folding cartons

Performa Light™ by Stora Enso is a plastic-free, lightweight and low carbon material for premium folding cartons. Performa Light™ can be used for chocolate boxes, confectionery packaging, cosmetics packaging and personal care products packaging.

Performa Light has more than 70% lower CO2 emissions in production compared to competition.


A food-safe kraftliner for corrugated packaging

AvantForte™ by Stora Enso is a 3-layer structured kraftliner for corrugated packaging, made from 100% virgin fibers. It meets brand owners’ need for high-performing, safe and plastic-free packaging while using less material.

AvantForte™ kraftliner is produced in Oulu, Finland, where a paper machine was converted for kraftliner production.

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EcoFreshBox and Finnish strawberries

A renewable, fiber-based box for fresh berries

In Finland, fresh berries are an essential part of summer. Stora Enso introduced EcoFreshBox, a berry box made from corrugated board, to combat global plastic waste problem. The raw material of the box is made from sustainably sourced Finnish softwood.

Not only does the content of the box origin from the Finnish nature, but also the box itself!

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