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Stora Enso pulp

Pulp for paper, board and tissue

Kraft pulp from sustainably managed forests

Whether you are looking for strength and stiffness, extra brightness or high absorption, our generous range of softwood and hardwood kraft pulp grades can meet your needs. And because our wood pulp is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material, choosing kraft pulp by Stora Enso helps you make a positive contribution to the environment.

Kraft pulp for a variety of paper, board and tissue uses

Choose from among one of the world’s widest portfolios of kraft pulp grades for your specific product. The printing and writing, and specialty paper industries use our pulp products to make coated and uncoated woodfree papers, graphic papers and specialty papers like labels, release liners and wallpaper. The packaging industry uses our grades to produce paperboard, and we supply pulp to tissue manufacturers who use it as a sustainable, high-performing raw material in their production processes.

Our Perform, Select and Supreme product families offer fibres from different wood origins with either long or short fibres, giving them a unique set of properties. While some of our pulp grades provide strength and stiffness for our customers’ fibre mixes, others bring extra brightness or absorption.

Features and benefits

NBSK pulp

Our northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp is prized for its strength and reinforcing properties; we offer two grades: standard and reinforced pulp. Our NBSK features long, slender and strong fibres that provide excellent bonding and tensile properties. The fibres collapse well for a smoother, more uniform sheet. Minimal energy is required for refining, which helps you to save on costs and extend the life of the refiner plate.

BHKP pulp

Our bleached hardwood kraft pulp (BHKP) has short fibers and features excellent cleanliness, formation and surface properties. It is complemented by good opacity, porosity, absorbency and bulk; providing softness for tissue, stiffness for board or graphic for example. Our BHKP offering includes birch and eucalyptus grades.

Our wood sources

In the Nordic region, our mills use birch, pine and spruce from privately owned forests. If deforestation remains a challenge in some parts of the world, in the Nordics the growth of forests exceeds the harvesting even as forest industry capacity has grown tremendously over the last century. In Latin America, our pulp mills use eucalyptus from tree plantations. In these regions, we operate on degraded land and work in parallel with our tree plantations on restoring natural fauna and flora. We also carry out shared-value initiatives in which we reach out to local communities and help them address their economical and societal challenges.

Sustainability and traceability in focus

As an award-winning industry leader in sustainability, we don’t take our responsibilities lightly. Stora Enso sets ambitious goals for sustainability performance – both environmental and social. All our kraft pulp grades are traceable and come from sustainable sources. Thanks to our environmental performance credentials, our customers can manufacture certified, eco-labeled products.

Key benefits

  • Extensive range of bleached and unbleached grades for a wide variety of applications

  • High degree of cleanliness and brightness

  • Excellent reinforcement properties and high quality

  • Superior sheet formation and smoothness that enable higher paper machine efficiencies with fewer breaks

  • Produced from sustainably managed forests, with FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody certifications

End-use areas and applications

  • Away-from-Home: tissues, paper towels, kitchen rolls

  • Graphic paper: writing papers, printing papers

  • Specialty paper: labels, release liners, wallpaper

  • Abrasive paper: sand paper, security paper

  • Kraftliner, kraft paper, carton board

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