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PureFiber™ is Stora Enso's new formed fiber eco-product

Formed fiber

Next generation eco-products to replace plastic

Consumers are looking for products that enable them to lead more eco-friendly lives. They want to minimise waste, their carbon footprint and reduce their use of plastic. Strong brands can meet these demands and prove to consumers their ambitions and progress towards a circular economy.

PureFiber by Stora Enso is a new selection of formed fiber products helping customers to replace plastics. Formed fiber products are designed for their intended use and can either be recycled or composted after use. PureFiberTM product line enable approximately 75% lower CO2 footprint compared to alternative packaging materials, such as plastic or bagasse.

PureFiber products tell the story of an eco-friendly, circular brand. They are:

PureFiber™ by Stora Enso formed fiber products are made of renewable materials, recyclable, plastic-free and PFAS-free, and they help combat global warming with significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to the other alternative products on the market. 

These benefits add superior attributes to your product so that your brand will stand out and signal that it is the alternative consumers are looking for.

A new selection of formed fiber products and technologies for designing and producing attractive eco-friendly products strengthens further Stora Enso’s opportunities to replace fossil-based products and contribute to combating the global problem of plastic waste.

Key product benefits

  • Plastic-free and PFAS-free

  • Renewable raw material

  • Recyclable in paper stream

  • Food contact approved

  • Significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to alternative solutions


  • Single-use take-away items such as food bowls, clam-shells and drink lids

  • Trays and inserts to hold food and non-food products

  • Plant transport trays for Horticulture

Why Stora Enso

  • Unique knowledge base and infrastructure for developing new barrier technologies and modifying pulp

  • Scalable production

  • A sustainable supplier with high food safety standards

Formed fiber box of peaches

Make the Swap to sustainable packaging of fruits and vegetables!

With a sustainable development of food packaging we reduce the CO2 impact of all the stages in the products lifecycle. By changing to a plastic free packaging of fruits and vegetables, it benefits both the producers and the end consumers to reduce their climate impact.

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PureFiber™ food bowls

Strengthen your brand by making it easy for your customers to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. PureFiber™ is a formed fiber product that is free from plastic, PFAS and other forever chemicals. Help your customers make better choices every day.

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Formed fiber

Download LCA study

Learn more about the climate impacts of Stora Enso's formed fiber eco-products compared to alternative products and materials on the market. Download the executive summary of the LCA study.





Every day we do our best to lead more eco-friendly lives

PureFiber™ Horti Tray

Made from 100% renewable materials, PureFiber™ Horti Tray supports the Horticulture sector to become more sustainable - By replacing single-use plastic trays. 


Explore PureFiber™ Horti Tray

PureFiber PotTray with plants

Customer reference

Stora Enso and Tingstad work together for circular and plastic-free take-away packaging

Tingstad sells the newly developed PureFiber™ by Stora Enso food bowls directly to customers in the fast food industry. Tingstad is a family owned company and the market leading distributor of disposables and food service products to the HORECA sector in the Nordic countries. The company has been around for 60 years and has a turnover of 250 million EUR.

Tingstad embraces innovation and new, more sustainable, packaging and packaging materials. 


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Food tray

PureFiber™ by Stora Enso

PureFiber products can be used for a variety of end-uses

PureFiber is Stora Enso’s next generation formed fiber eco-product. The products can be produced to almost any shape where today conventional PE, PET and other plastics are being used. As such PureFiber can be used in a wide range of applications including single-use food packaging items such as plastic-free cups, bowls, clamshells, plates and coffee cup lids.

PureFiber can also be used for non-food items to replace plastics consumables in agriculture, electronics and cosmetics packaging and to replace other plastic parts. The products respond to the needs of eco-conscious consumers and producers looking for innovative alternatives to plastic. 

Formed fiber products can be used for variety of end-uses such as take-away salad bowls

Certified wood from sustainably managed forests

Sustainable forest and plantation management help us secure the long-term availability of wood – our renewable raw material. Forest certification guarantees that forests are sustainably managed.

We always ensure that the forests we harvest wood from are regenerated. We also know the origin of all the wood we use: 100% comes from sustainable sources.

Read more about Stora Enso’s sustainable forest management here.

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Tomatoes and pepper in trays

Stora Enso explores large expansion in formed fiber

Based on increasing demand for fiber-based, circular packaging solutions, Stora Enso has started a feasibility study for building a new formed fiber plant in Hylte,Sweden. Stora Enso’s strategic aim is to grow with renewable packaging, and the investment would increase Stora Enso’s formed fiber capacity significantly.
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Picadeli lid

Saving 120 tonnes of plastic waste by replacing a lid

Europe’s leading take-away salad bar company Picadeli replaced their single-use plastics lid with a formed fiber lid. The new lid is plastic-free, PFAS-free, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and saves about 120 tonnes of plastic waste annually.
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PureFiber™ can be used to replace plastic consumables e.g. in agriculture such as trays for herbs

Stora Enso and HS Manufacturing Group enter collaboration to develop sustainable barriers for formed fiber products

Stora Enso has entered into a strategic collaboration with HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG), a producer of plant-based barrier coatings, to develop Stora Enso’s formed fiber offering. Read more at the press release.
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Food tray

Stora Enso invests in next-generation renewable, recyclable and biodegradable formed fiber solutions

Stora Enso is investing EUR 5 million to build a new production line and related infrastructure to manufacture formed fiber products at Hylte Mill in Sweden.
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Food tray

Stora Enso accelerates growth in formed fiber by expanding in Europe

Stora Enso is investing EUR 8 million to double its production capacity of formed fiber in Europe. With new machinery in Hylte, Sweden, Stora Enso will meet the increasing demand for formed fiber. The investment further strengthens Stora Enso’s position as a leading provider of renewable materials that replace fossil-based ones.
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