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Formed fiber

Help your customers to lead more sustainable lifestyles by replacing single-use plastics with PureFiber™, the future generation of eco-friendly formed fiber packaging. 

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Formed fiber trays to help the Horticulture sector to safely transport plants and replace plastics. Made from PureFiber™.
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formed fiber for quick service food

Quick service food

Biodegradable and plastic replacing single-use take away bowls, trays, and lids. Made from our formed fiber technologies: PureFiber™ and PureFiber™ Guard.
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custom formed fiber packaging

Custom formed fiber development

Collaborate with us to design and implement plastic replacing alternatives with PureFiber™ and PureFiber™ Guard.
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How formed fiber helps your brand to give consumers sustainable alternatives

renewable formed fiber

90-100% renewable

PureFiber™ products are made of wood from sustainably managed forests, a renewable material.
formed fiber bowls

At least 70% lower CO2 footprint

The PureFiber™ product line enables a significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to alternative packaging materials, such as plastic or bagasse.
formed fiber lids

Tell the story of your circular brand

Meet the expectations of your customers for high quality, ecological options.
100% formed fiber function

All of the function

PureFiber™ offers high strength, plus the PureFiber™ Guard laminated barrier allows formed fiber packaging to withstand even liquids and grease.
formed fiber made in sweden

Made in Sweden

Scalable production, a unique knowledge base and infrastructure, plus short, reliable supply chains that reduce complexity.

PureFiber™ delivers strong sustainability credentials



Made mainly from renewable material

Products in the PureFiber™ line are made of 90–100% renewable and natural material.

Helps combat global warming

PureFiber™ packaging has a lower climate impact than alternative packaging materials such as plastic or bagasse.

Sustainably sourced material

Wood fibers from sustainably managed Nordic forests.

Recyclable and biodegradable

All packaging in the PureFiber™ range can be recycled in the paper stream in most countries.

Responsibly produced

Made in Sweden and produced using 100% green electricity.
formed fiber bowls

The PureFiber™ Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) report

Learn more about the climate impacts of Stora Enso's formed fiber eco-packaging compared to alternative products and materials on the market.


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Learn more about Stora Enso’s sustainable forest management.

The wood fibers used to produce PureFiber™ are always sourced from certified wood from sustainably managed forests.

Customer case: Picadeli

Saving 120 tonnes of plastic with PureFiber™

Salad bar pioneer Picadeli reached out to Formed Fiber with a challenge – they needed a new lid that better reflected their highly set sustainability targets, while keeping functionality and a positive customer experience.

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Sallad bowl and lid

See how formed fiber is growing


PureFiber™ can be used to replace plastic consumables e.g. in agriculture such as trays for herbs

Stora Enso and HS Manufacturing Group enter collaboration to develop sustainable barriers for formed fiber products

Stora Enso has entered into a strategic collaboration with HS Manufacturing Group (HSMG), a producer of plant-based barrier coatings, to develop Stora Enso’s formed fiber offering. Read more at the press release.
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Food tray

Stora Enso invests in next-generation renewable, recyclable and biodegradable formed fiber solutions

Stora Enso is investing EUR 5 million to build a new production line and related infrastructure to manufacture formed fiber products at Hylte Mill in Sweden.
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Food tray

Stora Enso accelerates growth in formed fiber by expanding in Europe

Stora Enso is investing EUR 8 million to double its production capacity of formed fiber in Europe. With new machinery in Hylte, Sweden, Stora Enso will meet the increasing demand for formed fiber. The investment further strengthens Stora Enso’s position as a leading provider of renewable materials that replace fossil-based ones.
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