PureFiber™ Horti Tray

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Made from 100% renewable materials, PureFiber™ Horti Tray is a wood fiber based plant transport tray that fits into existing logistics chains. Designed to help nurseries and retailers safely transport plants, replace single-use plastics, and adapt to customer expectations. 

Supporting the Horticulture sector to become more sustainable - By replacing single-use plastic trays

Replacing fossil based plastic trays, Horti Tray is made from Nordic wood fibers making it fully recyclable and reusable. All helping you to adapt to customers’ expectations for environmentally friendly choices.
PureFiber PotTray with plants

Designed to fit into your existing logistics chains

Replicating the same geometry as current plastic trays, and fits already established Danish trolleys.

Optimised for lightness and rigidity, even when wet

Able to hold up to 6500 g and maintain its rigidity throughout the entire logistics chain.
PotTray close up

Single use or reusable for greater flexibility

Recyclable or reusable for both you and your customers. So you are free to choose the preferred end-of-life scenario for your business.
PureFiber PotTray
PureFiber PotTray empty
PureFiber PotTray empty
PureFiber PotTray empty
PureFiber PotTray with plants
PureFiber PotTray with plants

PureFiber™ Horti Tray - X8
Sustainable plant transportation tray 


  • Made from sustainably sourced Nordic wood fiber
  • Plastic and PFAS free
  • Made in Sweden and produced using 100% green electricity
  • Holds up to 6500 g
  • Compatible with Danish Trolleys
  • Reuseable and curbside recyclable

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PureFiber™ Horti Tray X8 - Specifications

Width: 25 cm
Length: 56 cm
Height: 7.7 cm
Maximum load: 6500 g
Suitable for pot sizes: 11 - 12 cm
Pots per tray: 8
Trays per shelf: 5

Horti Tray is made from PureFiber™

PureFiber™ is a range of sustainable and natural fiber formed packaging that replaces plastics. PureFiber™ packaging enables approximately 75% lower CO2 footprint compared to alternative packaging materials, such as plastic or bagasse.

Learn more about PureFiber™

PureFiber PotTray close up

Made mainly from renewable material

Products in the PureFiber™ line are made of 90–100% renewable material.

Helping to combat global warming

PureFiber™ products have a lower climate impact than alternative packaging materials such as plastic or bagasse.


All products in the PureFiber™ range can be recycled in the paper stream in most countries.

Produced in Sweden

Produced in Sweden from Nordic wood fibers, using 100% green electricity.
PureFiber LCA

Download the PureFiber™ Lifecycle Assessment Study

Learn more about the climate impacts of PureFiber™ eco-products compared to alternative products and materials on the market.


Want to learn more about how the PureFiber™ Horti Tray can help you in your sustainability journey?


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