PureFiber™ Horti tray

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Make a smarter choice for your plants and the planet

Available now, PureFiber™ Horti tray is a reusable formed wood fiber plant tray that fits into your existing logistics chain, replaces plastics, and reduces CO².

PureFiber PotTray
PureFiber PotTray empty
PureFiber PotTray empty
PureFiber PotTray empty
PureFiber PotTray with plants
PureFiber PotTray with plants

PureFiber™ Horti tray

  • Wood fiber plant tray: Plastic and PFAS free
  • Available in 6, 8, or 10 pot options
  • Suitable for use in moist and humid environments
  • Water resistant
  • Compatible with CC, Danish Trolleys, and existing logistics chains
  • Reusable and curbside recyclable
  • Made in Sweden using 100% green electricity
  • Made from sustainably sourced Nordic wood fiber

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Specifications Horti Tray 508 Horti Tray 510 Horti Tray 606
Pots per tray: 8 10 6
Width: 25 cm 25 cm 40 cm
Length: 56 cm 56 cm 28 cm
Height: 7.7 cm 7.7 cm 7.0 cm
Maximum load: 8 kg 5.5 kg 7 kg
Pot sizes: 11/12 cm 10/10.5/11 cm 12/13 cm
Trays per shelf: 5 5 6






Stora Enso's critically reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA) study provides transparent, reliable and comprehensive information on the potential environmental impacts of PureFiber Horti tray in comparison to other plant transportation trays in the market.


More information about the PureFiber Horti tray Life Cycle Assessment can be found here.

Learn more about the LCA

Replacing a polystyrene tray with a tray made of PureFiber reduces the CO² emissions by up to 81%

PureFiber Horti tray requires up to 80% less fossil fuels over its life cycle compared to plastic trays 

If reused 5 times, the tray has a lower climate impact than plastic trays reused 70 times



PureFiber™ Horti tray has the lowest CO² impact compared to single-use plastic and cardboard trays

Horti tray is made from PureFiber™ and produced in Hylte, Sweden

PureFiber™ is a range of plastic replacing formed fiber packaging, produced from up to 100% Nordic wood fibers. PureFiber™ products enable approximately 75% lower CO² footprint compared to alternative packaging materials, such as plastic or bagasse.

Learn more about PureFiber™




PureFiber Horti tray on Danish Trolley

Fits on CC and Danish Trolleys

The same geometry as current plastic trays and fits into your existing logistics chains.
PureFiber Horti tray being watered

Stiff, resilient, and water resistant

Able to hold up to 6.5 kg and maintain its rigidity in both dry and humid conditions.  PureFiber is a water resistant material.

Reusable and recyclable

Recyclable or reusable for both you and your customers. So you are free to choose the preferred end-of-life scenario for your business.



Customer story | Mäster Grønn

How Norway's largest flower chain helped Stora Enso to develop the plastic free transportation tray

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