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Adding molded fiber product production to your portfolio is easier than you may think

With consultancy, tooling, and material supply, Fiber as a Service, offers everything you need to produce sustainable molded fiber products.

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Meet regulatory and consumer demand with molded fiber conversion 

Replacing plastics with wood pulp helps to reduce your CO2 footprint, aid product recycling, and use a material that is renewable.

Fiber as a Service helps you to set up wet and dry molded fiber production for:

  • Cup lids

  • Bowls, plates, & trays

  • Cutlery

  • Custom food service products

Here to support you through the journey - from business case to large scale production

Making a business case


  • Training in molded fiber technologies.
  • Pulp school to help you understand the variety of pulps.
  • Presentation of our recommended molded fiber machine suppliers.
  • Data surrounding pulp, additives, and machinery to support your business case.
  • Bridge volumes of material to test the market.

Startup phase


  • Get started with instant access to knowledge and suppliers.
  • Access to our network of suppliers for flexible volumes of tooling, pulp, chemicals, and recipes, including PFAS free oil and grease-barriers. 
  • Support in sourcing.
  • Support in troubleshooting and production.
  • Testing of pulp-chemical recipes for your end-use.

Optimising production


  • Education, technical support and know how to optimise your production.
  • Better pricing and easy sourcing of scalable volumes of materials.
  • Tooling optimisation to minimise machine downtime due to maintenance. 

Scaling production


  • Education, technical support and know how to scale your production. 
  • Better pricing and easy sourcing of scalable volumes.
  • Access to the latest development in molded fiber.
  • Large volume supply of pulp.
  • Possibility to iterate fast sample volumes for new products.




Remove the barriers to entry, complexity, and trial and error associated with implementing new technologies.

Our molded fiber experts and network

With many years of experience in this business, we know how world class formed molded fiber products are made. Today we have the collected knowledge and network of the entire industry, ready to share with you.

Karl Axnäs

Head of Fiber as a Service

Free consultation


  • Experienced in the chemical supplier industry, and experienced with many of the additives used in molded fiber production.

  • Experienced in growing businesses in the pulp and paper industry since 2004.

  • M.Sc in Chemistry majoring in Pulp & Paper Technology.

  • Connected to a network containing most of the suppliers in the molded fiber segment.

Zhu Chuantao, Ph.D

Customer Technology Advisor


  • Leading pilots and mill trials in wet molded fiber production.  

  • Experienced in a wide range of pulp furnish, wet end chemicals, and recipes for various end-use products. 

  • Supports business in moving towards to renewable packaging solutions, and supporting in sustainability topics such as recyclability, compostability and reuse.

  • Experienced in developing barrier technologies for molded fiber products, including materials screening, application methods, and equipment development.

  • Supports you in complying with EU regulations regarding food safety, PFAS free, SUPD, and more.

Molded fiber design team

Stora Enso's in-house molded fiber product designers


  • In-house designers that are able to quickly and effectively collaborate with Fiber as a Service.

  • Experienced in designing molded fiber products across a wide range of end uses and production requirements.

  • Dedicated and highly experienced molded fiber product designers.

Flexible material, pulp, and chemical portfolio 

Our network of suppliers offer you better pricing on small and growing volumes of materials. Offering a wide range of FCS or PEFC certified pulp including CTMP, NBSK, BHKP, and PFAS free chemicals, including AKD, PFAS free oil and grease barriers.

All pulp and chemicals are delivered on one truck.

Tooling portfolio

We help you source the right tooling for your need in our machine supplier network. Plus receive tooling training and optimisation to reduce downtime due to maintenance.

How Matrix Pack implemented 4 wet molding lines within the first 9 months

With 15 more lines scheduled for the next 6 months. Thanks to their partnership with Fiber as a Service.

Read the story


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Karl Axnäs
Head of Fiber as a Service

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