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We at Stora Enso can make custom formed fiber products for you; enabling you to replace plastic packaging with a sustainable alternative 

Where you can replace single-use plastics with formed fiber

PureFiber™ packaging can be produced to almost any shape where conventional PE, PET, and other plastics are used today.

  • Consumer goods packaging inserts

  • Plant trays for horticulture

  • Quick service food packaging such as trays, bowls, and lids for cups and bowls

  • Trays for packing food in automated packaging lines

How does it work?

Partner up with Stora Enso for complete support with custom formed fiber packaging development

formed fiber design


In-house design experts collaborate with you to design production ready single-use plastic alternatives.
formed fiber materials

Materials & barriers

We supply PureFiber products with the right material and barrier properties. Adding efficiency to design, supply chains, and production.
formed fiber marketing support

Sustainability & marketing

In-house sustainability experts to advise throughout. We can also support you in telling your customers about your sustainability journey.
formed fiber made in sweden

Swedish production

Your custom formed fiber products are produced in our own facilities in Hylte, Sweden. Reducing lead times and supply chain complexity.

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A range of formed fiber materials and barriers for different needs


High performing strength able to replace PE and PET

Manufactured by molding 100% sustainably sourced and biodegradable wood pulps into three-dimensional forms.

PureFiber Guard: 90% fiber 100% function

PureFiber™ Guard

An added high performing barrier to PureFiber™, replacing around 90% of the plastic, yet keeping all the performance

Enabling PureFiber™ products to handle even wet and greasy products.

How formed fiber helps your customers to live more sustainable lives


Made mainly from renewable material

Packaging in the PureFiber™ line are made of 90–100% renewable material.

75% lower CO2 footprint

Compared to  alternative packaging materials such as plastic or bagasse.

Produced in Sweden

Produced in Sweden from Nordic wood fibers, using 100% green electricity.

Recyclable and biodegradable

All packaging in the PureFiber™ range can be recycled in the paper stream in most countries.

Customer story | Bosch

Formed Fiber gives Bosch their first plastic-free packaging for Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades

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Customer story | Picadeli

Picadeli is saving 120 tonnes of plastic waste by replacing a plastic lid with a lid made of PureFiber™

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