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Need some advice on what to think about when applying for a job at Stora Enso? Here are some tips to help you on your way:

Do your homework

A good application requires preparation! Find out more about Stora Enso and what we strive for and believe in before writing your application. Our annual report, website and social media channels give a good overview of our company and recent activities, and our blog offers a deeper dive into innovation and renewable materials. You could also have a chat with someone who already works with us, to find out more about what to expect. You can really strengthen your application and interview by building up this type of knowledge and insight beforehand.

Be sure to sell yourself

Your application may be our first opportunity to get to know you, so don’t miss the chance to let us know why you are a good candidate for the job. Be confident and have the courage to share your achievements. Consider the qualities and experience you have, and don't forget that a job application is your chance to tell us your unique story.

Read the job description carefully

Read through the job description several times and be sure to show us that you have the right skills for the job in your CV and cover letter. A CV is typically around 1-2 pages long and includes a short summary, education and work histories, skills and competencies, as well as some personal interests. A professional-looking picture may be common practice to add in some countries – such as in Finland and Sweden.

Make your application personal

Find ways to make your application more personal, for example by referring to your interests and activities that have helped you gain the necessary skills for the job, and by demonstrating that you can get along with a variety of different people. The cover letter in particular is an opportunity to sell yourself and be more personal. And of course, don't forget to let us know why you want to work with us!

Double check your application

Your application will look much more professional without spelling mistakes. Perhaps a friend or family member can read your application through before you submit it? It's always worth double checking what you have written before pressing "send".


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