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Grow to your full potential

We make sure you can grow to your full potential by providing a safe, diverse, and inclusive working environment for all our employees. In everything we do, we drive customer value, enable people to perform, and allow space for innovation. At Stora Enso, we learn every day.

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Growth opportunities

Our vision of a more sustainable world through the innovation of renewable products opens many exciting career opportunities. We provide an environment where everyone can expand their knowledge and skills - through training, engaging in projects, international assignments or by taking on new steps in their careers.


Diversity of thought

We strive to build a culture of diversity and inclusion that reflects the societies where we operate. We believe in a workplace where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, where you can be yourself, feel a sense of belonging and can voice your opinion. Diversity to us means various aspects including gender, age, skills, experiences, culture, and personality.

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Leadership at all levels

We see leadership as an enabler of our purpose – and we lead at all levels – taking responsibility for our own, our team and the company’s growth. We expect our line managers to live our values, create customer value, and drive business performance while inspiring and motivating our teams to perform and grow.

Home safe every day

We focus on physical safety as well as psychological well-being by working proactively with eliminating risks and preventing incidents. That way, we can all go home from work safe every day. Everyone can make a difference – every year we reward great initiatives to improve safety in our business operations.

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A healthy work-life balance

Building a strong foundation for physical and mental health and well-being in the workplace is a top priority. Our well-being program offers our employees tools to understand and improve the elements impacting their own health and ensure work-life balance, for example physical factors and the level of inclusion.


Competitive benefits

We offer a wide range of benefits to our employees to fit different situations in life. Benefits may include for example leisure activities, special days, volunteer work or subsidized lunch. Your total compensation as an employee consists of base salary and incentive programmes based on your individual performance.

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