Working at Stora Enso

Stora Enso offers rewarding and satisfying careers, and the opportunity to contribute towards a more renewable and sustainable future.

At Stora Enso, we believe that everything made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. If you believe that too, come join us on our journey!

A rewarding career path

You shape your own career at Stora Enso and we strive to create paths that are rewarding, inspiring and motivating. This may include international assignments, leadership development programmes and graduate training. Special focus is placed in planning a career progression that taps into your unique talent.

At Stora Enso you will join forces with around 25 000 colleagues - a wide range of people with a diverse set of backgrounds and skills, all focused on the potential of biomaterials, paper, packaging and wooden construction. Take a look at our people presentation videos to find out more about the variety of roles we offer and what it’s like to work for a leading global renewable materials company.

Your opportunity to do what’s right

As a Stora Enso employee, you will contribute towards a more sustainable world by helping to develop forest-based renewable material solutions that can replace non-renewable materials in various applications.

In accordance with our values, "lead" and "do what's right", we strive to help our people find a work-life balance that suits them, and work continuously with employee satisfaction and motivation.

Value through diversity

We believe diversity strengthens our competitiveness and we aim to reflect the societies in which we operate. Diverse working teams enable us to explore different perspectives and challenge our way of thinking, contributing to better decision-making. To benefit from diverse working teams, we need inclusive work environments that respect and appreciate individual differences. Dimensions such as skills and experiences, gender, age, cultural background and personality are important to Stora Enso when we strive for diversity.

When asked about diversity in the annual employee survey, 84% (83%) of our employees reported that their management was able to create diverse teams. As for gender diversity among our senior management, 76% were male and 24% female at the end of 2019 (80% and 20% in 2018). The Group Leadership Team had five female and six male members in 2019.

In the 2019 report by Equileap, which assessed gender balance and equality among 3 000 public companies, Stora Enso was ranked number 29 globally and number 1 in Finland. During 2019, Stora Enso also received the highest scores in the FINDIX report, which examined the diversity of management teams and board of directors in 89 Finnish companies.    

Employee distribution by country

Graph over personnel

Share of female employees at Stora Enso

Chart female share 

Our work environment
Everybody home safe, every day

Stora Enso’s goal is to provide an accident-free workplace. Encouraging a company-wide safety culture means that everyone is responsible for making every workday healthy and safe – from our top management and throughout the company.


Leadership is a key enabler of our strategy as it is the strongest driver for performance, wellbeing and company culture. Our culture is based on our values “Lead” and “Do what’s right”, which we expect our leaders to embrace and demonstrate through their actions and behaviour. We measure our progress on leadership by using an overall Leadership Index, which is based on the responses of our annual employee survey.

Performance management

Performance management is an important part of engaging and motivating our employees. We set and communicate clear targets for our employees, help them understand how they contribute to our company’s success, and provide development opportunities and regular feedback. Our annual employee performance appraisals are an important component of our performance management.

Fair working conditions

We care for all our employees and are committed to fully respecting human rights throughout our operations. All Stora Enso units are expected to work systematically to ensure that employees are treated with respect and fairness. Units should also comply with a set of minimum requirements for labour conditions in order to create an environment where employees are both motivated and able to perform their work. These requirements address areas such as working hours, basic worker rights, working conditions, and non-discrimination.

Valuable insights from global employee survey

Stora Enso conducts an annual global survey (Your Voice) of all employees. In 2019, the survey was conducted for the eighth time and had a response rate of 86% (88%). The survey follows progress in areas that impact our ability to deliver on our strategic agenda, steering activities, and priorities. It also supports managers and teams as they continuously improve their work methods.

Leadership graph 

Leadership Index is measured annually in Stora Enso’s Your Voice employee survey, and consists of numerical answers to 16 questions related to the respondent’s view of the direct manager.

Graph engagement 

Employee Engagement Index is measured annually in Stora Enso’s Your Voice employee survey, and consists of numerical answers to seven questions related to engagement indicators including, but not limited to motivation, pride and goal orientation.

NPS graph 

Employee Net Promoter Score is measured annually in Stora Enso’s Your Voice employee survey, and consists of one question related to the likelihood of recommending Stora Enso as a workplace to a friend. A positive score indicates that there are more promoters than detractors, while a negative score indicates the opposite.


We believe the future is wood-based and renewable. Join us in creating a renewable future and a sustainable climate.

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