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Stora Enso works with people and in communities all over the world through our operations, sales and supply chains. In each and every step we take, we consider our actions and their impact on others.

Our purpose “Do good for people and the planet. Replace non-renewable materials with renewable products” underpins our belief that everything that can be made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow, and highlights Stora Enso’s opportunity to contribute to a greener economy.

Lead and do what's right

With our values, “Lead” and “Do What’s Right” we endeavor to set the example and to lead in all aspects of our business as well as sustainability. We dare to take the initiative and constantly ask ourselves what more can we do, what we can do better.

A sustainable future

Our purpose and values are underlined by our continuing commitment to promote a more sustainable future, one less dependent on fossil fuels and supporting a bioeconomy where the production and consumption of products are based on wood as a renewable resource. Wood fibre-based products store carbon and can also replace non-renewable materials such as plastic, glass, steel, concrete and fossil fuels. With global warming, growing populations, urbanisation, changing life styles and eco-awareness, trees can be a big part of the solution for customers and their consumers towards a sustainable bioeconomy.

Working responsibly

Our commitment to renewability is not only about our raw material. It is also linked to resource traceability and responsibility, production and material efficiency, logistics and supply chain. From the forest or plantation to the end product, we work responsibly and with respect to local rules and regulations. We continue our push for carbon neutrality as well as our focus on human rights and on-the-ground investments in communities where operate. Everything we do aims to meet customer needs and be the best choice for renewable solutions.

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What is a renewable material?

It’s a material that will not run out – such as trees, which can be planted and re-grown. Products made from wood contribute to a circular and more sustainable world.

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