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Stakeholders at the core of our approach

Stakeholder relations

Open dialogue with our key stakeholders is crucial if we are to successfully identify stakeholder concerns, global trends, and market expectations.
We consider anyone interested in our company as a stakeholder. Our key stakeholder groups include:

• Consumers
• Customers
• Employees
• Forest-owners
• Governments
• Investors
• Local communities
• Media
• NGOs
• Partners and suppliers
• Trade unions

Our stakeholder engagement work is based on both structured and ad hoc interaction, as well as surveys on topics such as customer and employee satisfaction and investor expectations. Formal grievance channels (see below) are also a source of important information. In addition, engaging with stakeholders in social media has become increasingly important for us in understanding our stakeholders’ opinions and concerns locally.

In 2017, we carried out a focused materiality review with an external expert organisation that consulted with 124 group-level stakeholders around the world to assess if our Sustainability Agenda and external communications are still focused on the right topics. The results of the consultation, largely in line with our 2014 materiality survey, are used to address the challenges and opportunities in our sustainability work and will feed into our work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Stora Enso joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WBCSD) Redefining Value Board (RV) in 2016. The RV Board includes of eight WBCSD member company executives that provide strategic guidance to the Redefining Value programme. In 2017, Stora Enso’s work with RV included providing practical guidance on the integration of sustainability into Enterprise Risk Management and our approach to assurance.

In 2017, we actively collaborated with a range of international organisations such as BSR, International Labour Organisation (ILO), We Mean Business Coalition, and WWF.

Speak Up: Our channels for reporting violations

Our employees are encouraged to report any suspected case of misconduct or unethical behaviour to their supervisor, to our Human Resources or Legal functions, or in confidentiality to the Head of Internal Audit. Our Supplier Code of Conduct also obliges our suppliers to report any non-compliance with the Code to Stora Enso's Head of Internal Audit.

Stora Enso uses an additional external service through which our employees globally, and in certain locations also external stakeholders, can anonymously report potential non-compliance cases by phone, mail, or online. This service covers all units and is available 24/7.

All potential non-compliance cases are investigated. Any consequent findings are recorded and reviewed by the heads of our Internal Audit and Ethics and Compliance functions, and reported both to our Ethics and Compliance Board, and our Board of Directors' Financial and Audit Committee. Proven cases of non-compliance can lead to disciplinary or legal action.

Anonymous reports can be made to the Head of Internal Audit of Stora Enso by mail at:

Head of Internal Audit
Stora Enso Oyj
P.O. Box 309, 00160 Helsinki, Finland

Stakeholders located in China, India, Russia, Laos, and Brazil (data privacy laws mean the service is currently not available in other countries) may also report their concerns through Stora Enso's external service provider, The Network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


- by email

- or by phone (see below)

CountryAT&T access code if neededPhone number
Brazil 0800-047-4591​
China 400-881-1494​






770-776-5631 (Collect call)​


​Laos5631770-776-5631 (collect call)​

To use the AT&T service in Laos and India, please:
1. Dial first your country-specific AT&T access code.
2. When connected, enter the phone number.​​