Stora Enso Hylte Mill

Hylte Mill

Hylte Mill in southwest Sweden is one of the largest newsprint mills in the world, and produces high-quality newsprint, biocomposites and Formed Fibre products.

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Paper and Packaging Solutions
  • Country: Sweden
  • Products: Newsprint, Circular Solutions and Formed Fibre products
  • Annual capacity: 245 000 tonnes of Newsprint based on TMP, 15 000 tonnes of Circular Solutons & 60 Million units of Formed Fiber products
  • Number of employees: 368
  • Founded: 1907


Hylte Mill
Gamla Nissastigen 16
314 81 Hyltebruk


010 461 90 00

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Bio-based materials that are renewable, recyclable and low-carbon, enable the transition to a circular bio-economy.

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