Bioeconomy showroom

Experience renewable products in virtual reality –
Visit the Bioeconomy Showroom

To demonstrate the endless possibilities of renewable materials, Stora Enso has developed the Bioeconomy Showroom in virtual reality.

The showroom showcases current and future renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, low-carbon and plastic-free products and materials that help respond to the needs of consumers looking for more eco-friendly solutions.

The showroom demonstrates how wood-based products, such as biodegradable packaging, bio-based carbon fibre, wood-based textiles, and wooden constructions can be part of the solution to battle fossil-based materials like plastics and reduce carbon emissions.

Visitors can access the showroom with virtual reality glasses allowing them to interact with the products and at the same time learn more about them.

The showroom will be launched at Hannover Messe 2019.Going forward, the showroom will be presented in fairs and exhibitions, as well as available in Stora Enso’s Innovation Centre for Packaging in Helsinki. Does it sound interesting? Watch the short film clip to get a feeling of what the Bioeconomy showroom experience might be like.

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