BOD diversity policy

The Company has established a Board Diversity Policy setting out the principles concerning the diversity of the Board.

The Shareholders’ Nomination Board shall in connection with preparing its proposals for the nomination of directors to the AGM consider the principles of the Company’s Board Diversity Policy. Directors shall be nominated on the basis of their merits and with consideration of the benefits of diversity and the principles that the Company refers to as Diversity of Thought, including but not limited to criteria of diversity such as gender, age, nationality and individual differences both in professional and personal experiences. The merits of directors include knowledge of the operational environment of the Company, its markets and of the industry within which it operates, and may include elements such as financial, sustainability or other specific competency, geographical representation and business background as required in order to achieve the appropriate balance of diversity, skills, experience and expertise of the Board collectively. The foremost criteria for nominating director candidates shall be the candidates’ skills and experiences, industrial knowledge as well as personal qualities and integrity. The composition of the Board as a whole shall reflect the requirements set by the Company operations and its development stage. The number of directors and the composition of the Board shall be such that they enable the Board to see to its duties efficiently. Both genders shall be represented on the Board and the aim of the Company shall be to strive towards a good and balanced gender distribution.

Board of Directors