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Instructions for filling out the notification form

1. When sending Stora Enso a transactions notification, please fill in the transaction notification form

- The form is available at the FIN-FSA webpage at the following link: Notification Form

- Information needed on the form:

 Stora Enso LEI code  7437000ZP669LKUTZ738


Stora Enso shares

Helsinki stock exchange:
STEAV (A share)
STERV (R share)

Stockholm stock exchange:
STE A (A share)
STE R (R share)


ISIN codes of Stora Enso shares

Helsinki stock exchange:
FI0009005953 (A share)
FI0009005961 (R share)

Stockholm stock exchange:
FI0009007603 (A share)
FI0009007611 (R share)

 Notification reference  Generated automatically (no need to fill in)



Instructions for sending out the notification form

1. When you have filled in the notification form, please save it as a pdf document on your own computer

2. In order to submit the notification, do as follows

- Attach the notification form to an e-mail and send it:

1. To the company at the address and
2. To the FIN_FSA by accessing the webpage and by sending the notification form at the address:

Please add your phone number to the e-mail so that we can contact you in case of questions.

Company's duty to disclose the information

Stora Enso has a duty to disclose information of the transactions of the PDMR’s and their closely associated persons by means of a stock exchange release. Any such transaction shall be reported immediately and not later than within three (3) business days from the transaction to the Company and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The Company will therefore immediately upon receipt of the notification disclose the information as a stock exchange release.

Contacts in case of questions

In case of problems or any questions, please be in contact at the address

Further information on the regulation concerning the notifications of managers’ and their closely associated persons’ transactions is available at Finanssivalvonta pages (in Finnish only).

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