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ECO RFID Explained – A look behind the world’s greenest tag

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The ECO RFID Tag Technology by Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging was first launched in November 2018. Since then, Stora Enso has worked together with its customers and partners, and has successfully introduced the 100% plastic-free tags to the market.

Today, Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging is proud to say that the ECO RFID tags truly are the most sustainable tags on the market and extremely performant, scalable and reliable.

In addition, it is exciting to see that there is a true desire from retailers and brand owners to replace fossil-based materials with sustainable alternatives.

So, what is it that makes ECO RFID special? Take a look below and hear Dr. Juha Maijala, Deputy Head of Intelligent Packaging, explain the technology and the sustainability around it.

The sustainable ECO RFID Tag Technology is made for companies committed to environmental values. ECO RTT allows printing of an RFID label to a renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals. Besides ecology, ECO stands for economy – it allows high volumes and high quality while being cost neutral.