Why to choose pellets for horse bedding

Pellet horse bedding can make a great alternative to wood shavings or straw. Few users reveal why.

Emelie and Amanda Eklund

Sisters Emelie and Amanda Eklund live on their family’s horse ranch and run a racing stable in Sweden.

“My biggest passion in life is horses, and above all dressage. At its best, dressage is pure magic. I have ranked high as a young rider internationally and compete at the Grand Prix level. I have two horses, Detroit, whom I have trained and compete on in the Grand Prix, and my colt, Energetic Girl”, Emelie explains.

Emelie is also a C trainer in dressage and work as an estate broker, specialising in selling horse ranches.

For Amanda Eklund horses have always been a huge part of her life and she ridden ever since she can remember. Already at an early age, she developed a passion for riding and especially dressage. 

“I have two horses. Sambucus is 12 years old and we have competed together for about 6 years. Together we have won and placed high in the Grand Prix and ranked high in the big tour. In 2017, I was on the U25 national team and, since turning 26 this year, I started competing as a senior”, Amanda tells about her achievements.

In addition to horses and riding, Amanda is finishing up a veterinary training and will start working as a full-time district veterinarian in early 2019.

“We have to admit that we were a little sceptical before we tried the wood pellets. We thought it would be a hassle to have to water the pellets before putting them in the stall. But we were so wrong; the pellets have made our daily lives so much easier!”, sisters are commenting.

“When we used cutter shavings, we had to empty the entire stall and put in new shavings 1–2 days a week for the messier horses when all the shavings became brown and soggy. The pellets make a huge difference! The stall stays clean and fresh much longer. The pellets are really easy to muck out. It’s much faster and not at all heavy like cutter shavings”, Amanda says.

We often put down two sacks of sawdust pellets at the same time, one of which we water more and a second one that we water just a little. That way one of the sacks disintegrates at once and the other one over the next few days. In our opinion this helps the bedding stay nice for longer”, Emelie concludes.