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Whether for binding books or hanging wallpaper, NovoBase helps to lay the foundation for a successful project.

NovoBase by Stora Enso is a versatile, single-layer mechanical wallpaper base that you can use in wallpaper coverings and as a book binding cover material. It is made from renewable virgin wood sourced from sustainable Nordic forests and is completely recyclable.

NovoBase features excellent internal bond and tear strength for the most demanding performance requirements, such as for strippable wallpaper. It also possesses dimensional stability and high colour retention, along with a smooth surface for coating and printing. These qualities make it ideal as a wallpaper base but even for use as a book binding paper.

Novobase is a comparatively high-bulk paper with good opacity and is designed to be as non-curling as possible so that it lies flat when paste or coating is applied. It can be PVC coated for scrubbable, strippable wallpaper that resists grease and moisture better than plain paper.

NovoBase wallpaper base comes in a grammage of 90 gsm. Can be used with all PVC coating methods. Available as reels.

Key benefits

  • Delivers high runnability, even PVC coating results and good PVC adhesion

  • Ideal for both printing and coating

  • Made from renewable virgin fibres

  • Simplifies wallpaper hanging and book binding with its optimal strength properties

  • Sustainably sourced and manufactured

End-use areas and applications

  • Bookbinding materials

  • Fine covering

  • Wall coverings


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