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CLT360+: A digital assistant for element installation

CLT360+ by Stora Enso is a mobile app that helps you manage construction projects more efficiently. Save installation time, reduce errors at the building site and streamline the installation process.

Quick and efficient installation

CLT360+ is an element installation assistant designed to make construction work more efficient. The app provides a link between 3D models and installation by allowing you to easily identify construction elements delivered to the site and view their location by scanning QR codes.

From BIM to building site

The digital twin of the construction site in CLT360+ provides an overview of the project and gives you a bird’s eye view of the location. Whether you need to locate individual elements or keep track of the project’s progress, CLT360+ makes essential information easy to access.

Easy to use for the whole team

Available for iOS and Android devices, CLT360+ simplifies communication on the construction site. With an intuitive user interface and quick onboarding, the app can support the whole installation team with the information they need to ensure a high quality of construction work.

Key benefits of CLT360+

  • Faster and more efficient installation

  • Improved communication on-site

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Suitable for everyone working with installation

CLT360+ app
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CLT360+  app
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View your 3D model in the CTL360+ app
CLT360+ app
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CLT360+ app
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CLT360+ appCLT360+  appCLT360+ appCLT360+ app

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CLT360+ webinar
Finnish-Russian school, Helsinki, Image credit: AFKS – Arkkitehdit Frondelius+ Keppo+ Salmenperä

Wood construction is developing through cooperation

Find out how CLT360+ played a part in the construction of a new school in Helsinki.
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