Legionella infection in the Canal Zone of Ghent

Stora Enso comment to the Legionella bacteria infection in the Canal Zone of Ghent

4 June 2019

The Flemish Care and Health Agency in Belgium has identified Langerbrugge Mill as one possible source of the Legionella bacteria infection in the local community. However, investigation is still ongoing and we are awaiting the outcome of the results. The mill is taking measures such as sampling and disinfecting facilities in close cooperation with the authorities and international Legionella experts. In addition to the required disinfections, we have decided to stop the cooling tower to do a thorough one-time offline cleaning and disinfection. The cooling tower will be started again with strict monitoring by mill operations and supporting experts after inspection and approval by the Flemish Care and Health Agency.

Stora Enso works stringently to prevent Legionella at its mills following instructions relating to e.g. water conditioning, risk assessments, sampling and strict use of personal protection and equipment. All to protect employees, contractors and third-parties from exposure to Legionella.

We cooperate fully with the authorities and cannot give further comments at this point, with reference to the ongoing investigation.

As a long-standing member in the community, we want to express our sympathies to the affected people and their families.

Chris de Hollander, Mill Manager, Langerbrugge Mill

Liisa Nyyssönen

Liisa Nyyssönen

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