Nature under one roof

Published 2 February 2015 by Stora Enso
The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is the first public building in Finland constructed using Stora Enso CLT. ​ It is a new type of visitor centre, bringing all of Finland’s nature together under one roof. Haltia’s exhibitions take you on a tour through Finland’s beautiful nature in all seasons.​
Mankind’s oldest building material, wood, is back in the spotlight, and Haltia was built using Stora Enso’s CLT-based massive wood elements. Building with CLT is an important contribution to protecting the climate and environment.

The supporting structures and cladding of the Haltia building are made of wood, with the exception of the basement level. The 5,200-m² delivery included CLT elements for the exterior and partition walls, intermediate floors and roof, as well as glue-laminated joists for the roof and balcony structures. Construction with CLT is dry and fast. The building was cost-effective to build since the supporting structures and exposed surfaces consist of the same CLT elements.

Eco-friendly and health

CLT boards absorb a large quantity of carbon dioxide, and solid wood is a carbon sink throughout its life cycle contributing to slowing of climate change. Plus, the energy consumption in the industrial production of CLT boards is only one third of that of concrete production. CLT also provides a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.

Experience the mythological Duck Egg

The interactive map of Finland in the middle of the main exhibition of Haltia can be walked on. The heart of the exhibition is the large wooden Duck Egg, which is built of 620 unique wooden pieces. According to Finnish mythology, the world was hatched from a duck’s egg, and the Duck Egg combines all the values of Haltia: nature, design, sustainability and technology.

Stora Enso delivered the Effex wood material both for the surroundings of the interactive map as well as for the mythological Duck Egg. Effex is a versatile, finger-jointed and completely knot-free wooden raw material.

Carefree and durable top layer

Q-Treat, a durable and ecological outdoor construction product, was used for the top layer of Haltia’s exterior cladding. The product has the properties of heat-treated wood, making it a durable alternative to pressure-treated wood. Q-Treat products are treated with natural sodium silicate solution before heat treatment to achieve greater durability and to reduce the need for maintenance in the future. 

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