Andy Warhol returns in a bottle

Published 3 March 2015 by Stora Enso
​In the 1980’s Andy Warhol made over 50 works of art portraying the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle. Now one of his original Absolut paintings has been transformed onto the shape of the bottle. The limited Andy Warhol Edition features approximately four million bottles distributed world-wide. The gift box is made of Ensocoat 2S board.
The Andy Warhol box is black with blue, pink and yellow details – replicating Andy Warhol’s original Absolut Warhol painting. There are two sizes and two designs, both printed with high-gloss UV inks for brilliant colour reproduction. The box is manufactured by Frontpac in Southern Sweden for The Absolut Company AB. The limited edition was developed together with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, a non-profit, charitable organization recognized as among the leading funders of contemporary art. A pretty thrilling job for a package designer to work with Andy Warhol!

Drinks packaging has become a stronghold for Frontpac, and the company supplies folding cartons, corrugated boxes and bag-in-boxes for the industry. Funny enough, Frontpac’s plant is located in the same area where the grain for Absolut grows, but for some other drinks it is quite a different case. “What comes to wine, the retailers benefit from having the filling done in Scandinavia, instead of wasting the wine’s shelf-life at sea if it is packed in retail packages already in its country of origin,” says Martin Enocson, Frontpac’s Managing Director.

Absolut is one of Frontpac’s oldest gift box customers. Stora Enso and Frontpac also have a long history together. In addition to Ensocoat, Frontpac uses CKB as the standard top liner of their corrugated boxes. “High-quality paperboard is today coming back as the preferred material for gift boxes. There was a time when some brand owners were seeking differentiation by other materials but now they are coming back to roots. Sustainability is one reason,” says Mr Enocson.

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