ExoPlus – delivering value

Published 3 March 2015 by Jukka Holopainen
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ExoPlus is Stora Enso's new paper for supplements and magazines especially for retail use. Read on to find out where it comes from – and why it might be the optimal paper choice for your marketing mix.​

What kind of paper is ExoPlus?

ExoPlus is a new smooth, uncoated mechanical newsprint speciality. It is a premium printing platform for opaque printed materials and images in which high brightness is not the most important competitive factor. It provides excellent print quality both in gravure and in heatset printing.

How does ExoPlus compare with the well-known Exo?
First of all, ExoPlus is a smoother and glossier product than Exo. What's great is that even with a smoother, glossy surface ExoPlus manages to keep its rigidity. The rigidity comes from the paper's excellent thickness to grammage ratio. The range of ExoPlus concentrates on lower grammages compared to Exo. Since it is possible to have lower grammage for the product, the customer gets more printable surface per tonne of paper. The lower weight of the final product also cuts mailing costs for customers. In summary, ExoPlus is the missing piece to the Exo family. Both papers have an important role.

"Customers get more printable square meters per one tonne of paper."

What is the intended use for ExoPlus?

ExoPlus is developed especially for retail. It is used in print marketing products that are delivered directly to consumers or to be picked up from stores.

What print products is ExoPlus ideal for?

Print advertisements that are printed on a regular basis, e.g. magazines, supplements, direct marketing flyers and catalogues. They are typically products with a high print run.

What is the role of ExoPlus in Stora Enso's paper portfolio?

ExoPlus complements Stora Enso's product portfolio. ExoPlus gives Stora Enso's customers another strong alternative in finding the best paper choice for a specific purpose. How did ExoPlus come about? Based on customer feedback, Stora Enso decided to invest and upgrade the current Exo portfolio to meet customer needs.

Where is ExoPlus made?

It is made at the Kvarnsveden mill in Sweden. Kvarnsveden has excellent expertise and equipment to produce high-quality, light-weight, glossy, uncoated speciality papers. ExoPlus is a new milestone in Stora Enso's active product development. During the past 10 years, Kvarnsveden has successfully evolved into a unit exclusively producing specialty products in the paper sector.

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