Strategic packaging a driver for the growing online retail sector

Published 9 July 2015 by Stora Enso
​​The rapid growth of online shopping is changing the fundamentals of retail. Consumers are given more choices, convenience, and control of their purchases.
As a result, the shift in consumer behaviour creates opportunities and challenges alike for online businesses. Packaging is becoming even more strategic and acts as a means to strengthen customer loyalty while also capturing new audiences.

The latest Viewpoint report from Stora Enso focuses on ‘the future of online packaging’ and shows, among other things, that strategic packaging designs and sustainable materials can significantly increase margins for online retailers. Some concrete opportunities covered in the report include increasing customer loyalty, supporting sustainability, and reducing transportation volumes.

Here you can find the full report and also download the previous issues in the Viewpoint series. Stora Enso’s Viewpoint is a regularly published report that shares insights and analyses on the most important packaging trends.

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