Responding to megatrends

Published 28 April 2016
Megatrends are major global forces that bring about long-term change in our societies, economies and personal lives.

Stora Enso is responding proactively to global trends by developing products and technologies based on renewable materials, to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

Climate change threatens to increase the risk of extreme weather patterns, which can have major consequences on societies around the world. Our products are based on renewable and relatively low-carbon materials that can help our customers and society in general to reduce CO2 emissions.

The global population is expected to reach eight billion by 2025 (source: UN), which will further increase pressure on natural resources. Stora Enso’s core business is to provide renewable solutions for paper, packaging, biomaterials and wood products, which contributes toward the efficient and responsible use of natural resources while also meeting greater demand.

Urbanisation has resulted in over half the world’s population living in towns and cities, altering the way we live, consume resources and produce waste. Among our solutions, we promote carbon-neutral and renewable construction solutions for residential housing and commercial buildings, as well as reusable and renewable products and packaging.

Digitalisation is changing how products are made, delivered, sold and bought. Stora Enso focuses on providing cost-efficient logistics and packaging solutions for online shopping, smart packaging that can be tracked and sensed, and digitalised business processes for enhanced efficiency.

Lifestyle changes due to increased incomes, urbanisation, digitalisation and the expansion of the service economy affect human behaviour and how people live their lives. Our renewable and recyclable pulp-based packaging and products can meet consumer lifestyle changes while reducing environmental impacts.

The growing middle class in emerging markets has increased consumerism and places greater pressure on natural resources. Stora Enso meets growing consumer demand for tissue, packaging and housing with solutions based on renewable materials.

Eco-awareness influences attitudes and consumer behaviour more than ever before, with greater interest in what we buy and how it is made. Stora Enso works with product development and along the entire value chain to ensure that our products meet high standards of sustainability.

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