Dairy: Driving sales in the retail space

Published 13 June 2016
From 2015 to 2020, dairy products will grow faster in value than volume. What does that mean for packaging?

Today, consumers are demanding more variety – products for health and wellness as well as to meet lifestyles on the go. In response, ever newer premium and specialty products are battling for shelf space. At the same time, the dairy market is maturing, with slim margins, putting more pressure on brand owners and retailers for cost efficient strategies. The trend is likely to continue.

“In this competitive environment, packaging can play a significant role,” says Björn Thunström, SVP Marketing & Innovation, Stora Enso Packaging Solutions division. “Packaging is a means to differentiate as well as optimise the value chain, or put in another way, increase sales while also reducing costs. With just this in mind, Stora Enso works closely with brand owners and retailers offering design and material selection as well as support in production and automation to help them meet changing demands and remain on top.”

The future of dairy packaging is in focus in the latest issue of Stora Enso’s Viewpoint. The issue covers consumer preferences and buyer trends in dairy markets and how these are impacting business for brand owners and retailers. The Viewpoint on the future of dairy packaging is the sixth edition in a series of Viewpoints from Stora Enso which go in depth on trends, opportunities, challenges and potential packaging solutions in select consumer markets.

“At Stora Enso, we take a holistic view to see where we can bring the most value in packaging from a sales and costs perspective, adds Björn. “If you take the case a major Nordic-based dairy company, we have been able to provide packaging design, efficiency and sustainability all in one integrated solution which has resulted in an up to 16% reduction in cost from the previous packaging as well as a reliable, high performance packaging line. You can read more about the case in the Viewpoint report.”

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