Greenspoon offers tea in a new way

Published 13 September 2016
Do you want your brand to be attached to environmental friendliness and enjoyment? This is what you get with Greenspoon, a new concept for single serve tea.

The idea is simple: a combination of tea bag and spoon made of paperboard, which can be printed as you want. It is a great promotional item and giveaway and a neat and easy way of serving tea at events, meetings and home. No more plastic or wooden spoons and no messy tea bags, just one paperboard spoon with tasteful tea included.

The concept has been invented by Jochen Gabler and developed in cooperation with Edelmann in Germany. The best board for the unique application proved to be Ensocard by Stora Enso, an uncoated bleached board with an appealing, natural surface.

Greenspoon combines sustainable, renewable raw material, personalized printing and modern way to enjoy tea. All tea varieties offered in the Greenspoon sortiment are tested and certified in Germany and specially mixed for Greenspoon, ensuring the quality, freshness and maximum durability. Seasonally changing flavours expand the customer’s choice. The concept has been refined to the finest detail, posing high requirements for all. Paperboard, ink and filter paper were tested and selected most carefully as they are in direct contact with food and hot water extraction.

“We believe Greespoon will be a particularly effective marketing tool for many companies. Especially the advertising business is looking for new ways to reach potential customers or voters. We are also ready to serve private people through our webshop, where you can select your favourite tea flavour, customize your design and place your order easily,” says Mr Gabler, who has established the company Geschmacksentfaltung GmbH to run and develop the business.

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