Turkey food service by Apettas

Published 14 September 2016
​The spectators of Finnish motorbike races and athletics Elite Games have got the first taste of an impressive new food service concept developed by Apettas. The Finnish company is fully self-sufficient with all the gear, energy, waste management and everything needed to offer highly efficient, turnkey food service at events, even at a few hours’ notice. And the food comes in good-looking, branded and highly functional packaging.

“We started from rather small events but have capacity to serve much larger audiences with our transferable, high-volume production ovens and wide range of high-quality foods and soft drinks. The concept is ideal for big, international sports games, for example, but we could even serve in crisis situations with our own food supply, ovens, fridges, cold rooms, electricity, hydraulics – everything to put up the service in two hours at the site,” says Esa Keskisaari from Apettas.

A notable thing is that Apettas also brings clearly marked waste collection points for recyclable cups, cartons and bottles to the site to ensure proper recycling. The foods offered can include pizza slices, soups, salads, casseroles, ice cream and soft drinks. According to Mr Keskisaari, people really love unboxing pizza from the specially-designed boxes made from Stora Enso’s Performa Natura board: “The box is simple, fun and easy to eat from – good work from the manufacturer Jaakkoo-Taara. As a new service to our customers, we offer a mobile phone loading point, which at the same time attracts people to enjoy our foods.”

Apettas finished the summer season by serving the audience of the International Road Racing Championships race in Imatra in August 2016, close to Stora Enso mills. “Next year we are planning to expand also to larger events where our capacity can be fully utilized. Of course we are also available for winter events,” Mr Keskisaari concludes.

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